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Seamless Order Tracking in Apple Wallet

Your shoppers can now add order details and view order tracking information in Apple Wallet. Plus, you can notify shoppers about order changes and provide easy access to customer service and order management options all in one place.

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Order Tracking Made Simple

With Apple Wallet Order Tracking, shoppers can now track orders directly from Apple Wallet. It’s a simple way for businesses to provide real time order status upon completion of a successful online purchase. Businesses control the information in Apple Wallet Order Tracking.

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Increase Ease & Convenience

Order tracking information and business contact details are all accessible to shoppers from Apple Wallet.

Connect with Shoppers Natively

Orders are automatically added to Apple Wallet and shoppers can receive notifications when you update the order.

Enhance Privacy

Order information is processed and stored on iPhone, so only you and the shopper can access it.

Enable App Downloads

Shoppers can easily download your iOS app from the order details page in Apple Wallet.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Seamless order tracking and management can help drive high satisfaction rate.

Control the Information

You are the source of truth for order and tracking information provided to your shopper.

How Your Shoppers Experience Order Tracking in Apple Wallet

Shoppers can now enjoy a seamless and simple way to track their purchases with up-to-date shipment and delivery status in Apple Wallet.

  • Add Orders with Ease

    Add online orders directly to Apple Wallet for order tracking at multiple touchpoints, including Shopify order status pages, emails, tracking pages, and SMS. Seamless iOS integration can help drive high satisfaction rate.

    add orders from multiple touchpoints
  • Obtain Timely Notifications

    Receive shipment updates via push notifications from Apple Wallet. Shoppers enjoy shipment visibility and can better plan for delivery acceptance.

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  • View Orders in One Place

    Obtain all online order details within Apple Wallet, including purchase details and shipment updates. Have easy access to merchant's customer service and order management options.

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