Google Shopping

Get automated tracking updates for your Google Shopping orders across 800+ courier services like UPS, USPS, DHL, FedEx, BlueDart, China Post, and more.


  1. Track: Auto-import orders to shipment visibility dashboard and track them from checkout to delivery across 800+ couriers.

  2. Act: Streamline shipment tracking with unified order updates in one place to keep delivery incidents and delays in check.

  3. Notify: Send proactive shipments notifications to customers to reduce WISMO (Where is my order?) calls for key delivery checkpoints - in transit, info received, failed attempt, exception, available for pickup, out for delivery, and delivered.

  4. Engage: Immerse customers in your brand with beautifully designed branded tracking pages to find their shipping information and foster repeat sales.

  5. Retain: Give them prompt access to their order status and current location with an order lookup widget (track button).

  6. Analyze: Improve your shipping performance, monitor delivery rate, and find better product optimization opportunities with actionable data and real-time reporting.

How it works?

  • Sign up for the AfterShip account.
  • Go to the Apps section and select Google Shopping Connector.
  • click > Connect .
  • AfterShip will automatically import shipments created at Google Shopping every 3 hours.


All the Google Shopping orders will be auto-imported to our shipment visibility dashboard to monitor the current status of 50 shipments at a time (Free Plan) and will be matched with the correct couriers based on your settings. Once imported, the order will be tracked automatically. Configure automated shipment notifications to be sent to your customers once the order is in transit and info received by the courier. To activate shipment updates for all the 7 key delivery statuses you can opt for our Paid Plan. To engage customers after sales and drive additional revenue, immerse them further by directing them to your branded tracking page where they can keep track of the progress of their shipments by entering the order or tracking number. Monitor how well your marketing and engagement campaigns are performing with insightful analytics and reporting.

To have a more nuanced post-purchase experience for your customers post-sales and accommodate the growing needs of your eCommerce store, we have scalable plans to suit your needs. On top of email marketing, send automated transactional SMS notifications to your customers (additional charges) for all the shipment statuses - info received, in transit, out for delivery, available for pickup, delivered, exception, and failed attempt. Customize your branding tracking page with your store logo, styling, marketing assets, Instagram feed, product recommendations, and a custom domain link to improve brand recognition and awareness.

Boost customer retention with a branded tracking experience.