Add AfterShip Track package button in Shopify shipping emails with OrderlyEmails


  • Install: Enable customers to experience seamless shipment tracking with the AfterShip track button in order status emails with OrderlyEmails.

  • Customize: Spice up your confirmation emails and make them better match your brand voice with beautiful designer templates. Add brand logo, product recommendations, reward programs, and product barcodes and sell more.

  • Add: Go the extra mile. Replace the standard Shopify tracking button with the AfterShip track button to give customers up-to-the time order delivery status.

  • Test: Preview and send test emails to double-check customer details, order info, design elements, and tracking link accuracy.

  • Track: Direct customers to the AfterShip Track Package page for different delivery checkpoint statuses with auto-filled tracking numbers or add your own custom AfterShip branded tracking page link for the best post-purchase experience.

How it works?

  1. Visit this page: https://orderlyemails.com/login
  2. Enter your Shopify domain > click "Install"
  3. Choose an email design > Select an order status template > Customize
  4. Under the Sections list > Click on "Tracking button" > Links to “AfterShip”



OrderlyEmails is a Shopify design tool that allows online merchants to give a twist to Shopify standard shipping confirmation emails. Customers buy what looks good and your emails hold the potential to attract additional sales and revenue. OrderlyEmails gives you an upper hand to upgrade your mundane email notifications with stunning designs and impressive shipment tracking capabilities. How?

Track your Shopify orders with the AfterShip tracking link as track buttons in your shipping emails. Replace the standard track button default-set in Shopify emails with a custom “AfterShip” link or track page link to delight customers with a more personalized post-purchase experience. Redirect your customers to your website and create more upsell opportunities with multi-faceted email designs from OrderlyEmails. With each delivery checkpoint statuses notifications - Shipping confirmation, Shipping update, Shipment out for delivery, and Shipment delivered, increase your website views and visits with AfterShip branded tracking page link embedded in your emails.

Boost customer retention with a branded tracking experience.