Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Track your SFCC orders across 800+ couriers and send proactive delivery notifications to reduce WISMO calls.


  1. Integrate with over 934 couriers globally to automate order tracking.

  2. Receive unified tracking updates for all your store orders with estimated delivery dates on a single intuitive dashboard.

  3. Proactively address delivery and delay issues before customers experience them with insightful tracking data on a shipment visibility dashboard.

  4. Exceed customer delivery expectations with on-time order status notifications from order placement to delivery.

  5. Build beautiful, engaging, and contextual customer tracking journeys with branded tracking pages delivering accurate order statuses and a delightful post-purchase experience.

  6. Let customers access their order status faster with a one-click order lookup widget (AfterShip track button) by adding the order number/email or tracking number.

  7. Improve your shipping performance, optimize delivery rate, and post-purchase engagement efforts with actionable data and reporting.

How it works

To connect Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) with AfterShip, please follow the steps mentioned in this installation guide.


Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a customer-first order management system, built on the #1 CRM to streamline your online business operations to the T. The platform empowers you to grow your business across desktop, mobile, and social media. The all-in-one robust development platform lets you launch your online store and increase sales with hundreds of exemplary features. Give your customers an exceptional brand experience with their open APIs and integrate with a multitude of certified partners to bring your brand to the masses.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s smooth integration with AfterShip will ensure that your customers not only get a mesmerizing in-store experience but also a delightful post-purchase experience. As soon as your Salesforce store is connected to AfterShip, you can rest assured that your order delivery goals and customer delivery expectations will be satiated. With easy integration with 934 couriers, the real-time status, locations, and estimated delivery times of your orders can be accessed from the shipment dashboard and the same can be conveyed to the customers via email, SMS, and Facebook messenger. Further, reducing customer anxiety and improvising brand engagement is our contextual self-serve track page editor to relay important order-related information to the customers all the while fostering efforts of repeat sales and brand loyalty.

Adding one more feature to our toolkit is our delivery date prediction settings that allow merchants to communicate estimated delivery dates across multiple communication channels like branded tracking pages, shipment notifications, and checkout pages. Backing all these features to deliver valuable takeaways for the efforts merchants undertake to optimize the shipment tracking experience is our real-time analytics and reporting to bring about the necessary changes to improve the shipping performance, optimize delivery rate, and post-sales engagement efforts.

Boost customer retention with a branded tracking experience.