We want you to connect with multiple carriers worldwide without any bounds. The best part, all this is possible with just one shipment tracking platform: AfterShip.

We have added 3 more couriers this week to help you grow your network āœØ

AfterShip extends support to 3 new carriers

šŸš› GBS-Broker

Headquarters: Russia

Website: https://gbs-broker.ru/ru

Area served: Globally

Description: Comprehensive customs clearance and shipping from anywhere around the world

šŸš› Anjun

Headquarters: Shenzhen

Founded: 2011

Website: http://www.szanjun.com

Area served: Globally

Description: Focusing on one-stop export logistics services for micro, small, & medium cross-border e-commerce sellers.

šŸš› Amazon FBA Swiship

Headquarters: UK

Website: https://swiship.co.uk/

Area served: Globally

Description: SWISHIP trademark of Amazon technologies, Inc.