Hassle-free and super fast shipping services are key to success in the eCommerce space, which comes through trusted and reliable courier service providers. Having said that, we have included new efficient courier partners to give your customers a stress-free post-purchase experience.

Here are the new additions to our extensive list of carriers who partnered with us between July 15 and August 16, 2022.

πŸš› Packfleet

Headquarters: UK

AfterShip courier page: https://www.aftership.com/couriers/packfleet

Website: https://packfleet.com/

Slug: packfleet

Areas Covered: Locally

Description: Packfleet is a renowned UK-based delivery expert that started its journey by offering services to small and medium-sized businesses in London. It serves millions of people in London with its top-notch delivery service catered with advanced technology.

πŸš› Olive

Headquarters: USA

AfterShip courier page: https://www.aftership.com/couriers/shopolive

Website: https://www.shopolive.com/

Slug: shopolive

Areas Covered: Locally

Description: Olive is a delivery and returns service provider designed to make eCommerce more eco-friendly. They provide waste-free delivery through reusable packaging, made almost entirely from recycled materials.

πŸš› La-Poste

Headquarters: France

AfterShip courier page: https://www.aftership.com/couriers/la-poste-colissimo

Website: https://www.laposte.fr/outils/suivre-vos-envois

Slug: la-poste-api

Areas Covered: Globally

Description: La Poste is a national postal service provider in France that delivers registered parcels across France and internationally. It has built a solid reputation for postal services and continues to be the go-to option for parcel delivery.

πŸš› Swiss Post

Headquarters: Switzerland

AfterShip courier page: https://www.aftership.com/couriers/swiss-post

Website: https://www.post.ch/

Slug: swiss-post-api

Areas Covered: Locally

Description: Swiss Post is Switzerland's national postal service provider that delivers registered or express parcels across Switzerland and internationally. It is a public company owned by the Swiss Confederation and has been the country's second-largest employer with around 54,000 employees.

πŸš› NimbusPost

Headquarters: India

AfterShip courier page: https://www.aftership.com/couriers/nimbuspost

Website: https://nimbuspost.com/

Slug: nimbuspost

Areas Covered: Globally

Description: NimbusPost is one of the fastest growing communities of start-ups and entrepreneurs coming together for quick and hassle-free shipping solutions with wide reach and reliable customer support. Headquartered in Gurugram, it is currently serving across more than 29000+ pin codes and has 60000+ happy clients.

πŸš› Deliverr

Headquarters: USA

AfterShip courier page: https://www.aftership.com/couriers/deliverr-sftp

Website: https://deliverr.com/

Slug: deliverr-sftp

Areas Covered: Locally

Description: Deliverr is an eCommerce fulfillment company based in the USA. It strives to enable all merchants, regardless of size, to delight their customers with fast and cost-effective fulfillment.

πŸš› Payo

Headquarters: Philippines

AfterShip courier page: https://www.aftership.com/couriers/payo

Website: https://payo.asia/

Slug: payo

Areas Covered: Locally

Description: Payo is an eCommerce enabler that provides holistic solutions to address the needs of online merchants. It helps merchants thrive with its tailor-made solutions for warehousing, last mile management, live customer support, and marketplace optimization.

πŸš› Poczta Polska

Headquarters: Poland

AfterShip courier page: https://www.aftership.com/couriers/poczta-polska

Website: https://www.poczta-polska.pl/

Slug: poczta-polska

Areas Covered: Globally

Description: Poczta Polska (Poland Post) is Poland's national postal service provider with over 70,000 employees, 7,600 offices, branches, and postal agencies. It delivers registered and express parcels across Poland and internationally.

πŸš› Pandago

Headquarters: Hong Kong

AfterShip courier page: https://www.aftership.com/couriers/pandago-api

Website: https://pandago.hk/

Slug: pandago

Areas Covered: Locally

Description: Pandago is an on-demand delivery service that helps you to send items such as food, documents, parcels, and gifts to your customers. It offers same-day delivery on anything from food, groceries, and documents to retail products and more.

πŸš› Kerry Express Hong Kong Ltd.

Headquarters: Hong Kong

AfterShip courier page: https://www.aftership.com/couriers/tgx

Website: https://hk.kerryexpress.com/en/home

Slug: tgx-api

Areas Covered: Locally

Description: Kerry Express Hong Kong Ltd., previously known as TGX and incorporated in 1990, is an express delivery company that provides express services in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, and Macao.

πŸš› fairsenden

Headquarters: Germany

AfterShip courier page: https://www.aftership.com/couriers/fairsenden-api

Website: https://fairsenden.digital/de/

Slug: fairsenden-api

Areas Covered: Locally

Description: fairsenden is a delivery service provider that offers flexible delivery options with fast shipping and high delivery quality to help increase your conversion rate and the percentage of returning buyers. It helps its customers have a greener footprint with green and sustainable deliveries.

πŸš› Go People

Headquarters: Australia

AfterShip courier page: https://www.aftership.com/couriers/gopeople

Website: https://www.gopeople.com.au/

Slug: gopeople

Areas Covered: Locally

Description: Go People offers Australia’s smartest same-day delivery solutions with live GPS tracking, drop-off and pick-up statuses, and driver locations. It has one of the smartest fleet optimization systems driven by AI-based technologies designed specifically for Australian businesses.

πŸš› HFD

Headquarters: China

AfterShip courier page: https://www.aftership.com/couriers/hfd

Website: https://www.hfd.co.il/

Slug: hfd

Areas Covered: Globally

Description: Founded in 1995, HFD offers a variety of exclusive and unique technological solutions to give its customers a first-class service experience. Its shipping services suit the style of different customers to help them effortlessly offer a variety of services without the need to connect to several different companies.

πŸš› LSO

Headquarters: USA

AfterShip courier page: https://www.aftership.com/couriers/lonestar

Website: https://www.lso.com/

Slug: lonestar

Areas Covered: Locally

Description: LSO is a premier regional logistics leader in the USA. It has partnered with the leading carriers offering services similar to LSO throughout the rest of the country in order to provide nationwide service with greater flexibility and customization.

πŸš› ATS Healthcare

Headquarters: Canada

AfterShip courier page: https://www.aftership.com/couriers/lonestar

Website: http://www.atshealthcare.ca/index

Slug: atshealthcare

Areas Covered: Globally

Description: ATS Healthcare is the largest and most reputable provider in Canada's temperature-controlled healthcare transportation industry. It provides coast-to-coast temperature management services with mission-critical pharmaceutical shipments in mind.

πŸš› Estes Forwarding Worldwide

Headquarters: USA

AfterShip courier page: https://www.aftership.com/couriers/efwnow-api

Website: https://efwnow.com/why-efw/

Slug: efwnow-api

Areas Covered: Locally

Description: Estes Forwarding Worldwide, having a global network of 10,000+ partners, provides its customers with over 2.78 million square feet of directly managed warehousing space and access to an extensive warehousing network across the United States. It delivers customized solutions that meet your needs down to the smallest detail.

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