Did you know that 74% of customers prioritize delivery most in the online shopping experience? Keeping the importance of optimizing the shipment deliveries in mind, AfterShip has introduced a bunch of handy features to help the merchants keep up with their delivery promises.

Refine shipment data with ‘Order date’ and ‘Pickup date’ filters

Engineers at AfterShip very well know the importance of shipment data and how the ease of accessing the key metrics can bring revolutionary results for the merchants. Taking this into account, we have released two new filters - ‘Order date’ and ‘Pickup date’ under AfterShip’s Shipment dashboard. These filters help you sort your shipments and improve the shipping process with regular monitoring of the delivery performance.

How do you benefit from it?

  • Actionable insights: Get access to a single-window view with actionable insights into the shipment and delivery performance
  • Optimize delivery performance: Enhance your overall delivery performance by tracking the order and pick up dates up to the last 120 days
  • Meet promised commitments: Always remain on top of your promised commitments and drive customer loyalty by ensuring timely deliveries

Leverage the filters and extract the most out of them to improve your shipping performance.

How to access ‘Order date’ and ‘Pickup date’ filters?

  • Click ‘More filters’ under the shipment tab in your AfterShip account
  • Access the ‘Order date’ and ‘Pickup date’ filters as per your requirement

In addition to that, you can choose the time dimension under the Analytics to track your shipment performance based on Created, Ordered, and Picked up dates.

Set clear delivery expectations with ‘On time status’ and ‘Promised delivery date’

The majority of customers have identified shipping speed as a key factor in their decision to shop with a brand again?

The ‘On time status’ feature gives you a clear indication of all your current shipment statuses based on Late, On-time, Early, Overdue, Trending on-time, and Trending late filters.

With the ‘Promised delivery date’ feature, you can set clear expectations for your customers regarding the delivery of their orders and get valuable insights into your on-time delivery performance.

It’s time to put some light on the benefits of these features and why they are relevant for your business.

  • Gain customer trust: Exceed expectations of your customers and gain their loyalty by clearly communicating order delivery times and fulfilling them
  • Improve brand reputation: Boost your brand reputation with improved vendor rating and satisfaction rate by getting positive feedback from on-time deliveries
  • Reduce WISMO (Where is my order) tickets: Reduce WISMO tickets by optimizing delivery performance through robust shipping metrics on estimated delivery promises
  • Set clear delivery expectations: With accurate order delivery dates on display, customers can set clear delivery expectations

Also, AfterShip’s delivery date prediction API can help you to predict an accurate delivery date when the carrier's estimated date is not available.

How to access ‘On time status’ and ‘Promised delivery date’?

On time status

  • Click ‘More filters’ under the shipment tab in your AfterShip account
  • Access the ‘On time status’ tab to filter your results

Promised delivery date

  • Set the “order cutoff”, “order processing time”, and “transit-time” settings for your shipments as per your convenience.
  • Enable 'Promised delivery date' to activate the feature.

You can get a detailed snapshot of your shipments over time in the ‘On-time shipment’ tab under ‘Analytics’ based on the expected or promised delivery dates.

Develop a strong carrier strategy by improving your on-time delivery KPI with the newly introduced features and exceed customer expectations by a significant margin.

Take your shipment tracking to the next level by leveraging AfterShip’s 14-day trial for free with no credit card required.