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Product Updates

Introducing the New AfterShip Package Tracker (Android App)

We just updated the best package tracker for Android 🤘AfterShip Package Tracker app. While our web portal [] focuses on online retailers, our mobile app helps online shoppers to track all their online purchases and shipments in one place. > 👉👉👉Important notes (updated 2 Dec 2019): Currently we are in a testing phrase - only 50% of users will get the new version. So don't get surprised if you are still downloading the old version With version 4.0.0, other than the

API Updates

Webhooks supporting AWS API Gateway with IAM Authentication

We have just launched a new update to our AfterShip webhooks. We are supporting AWS API gateway with IAM authentication as a webhook receiver. What's IAM authetication? > AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a web service that you can use to manage users and user permissions under your AWS account. In simple words, developers use IAM authentication as a more secured way to receive webhooks requests from external parties. Ask your developers for more info as it goes pretty technical 🤘.

Product Updates

AfterShip + Omnisend integration

Today we are proudly announcing Omnisend's integration with AfterShip. (Big thanks to the Omnisend team 🤘) Omnisend [] is a top marketing automation tool for Shopify and Shopify Plus sellers. By analysing customer's purchase, browsing and campaign experiences, Omnisend can customize the marketing campaigns to send out messages via emails, SMS and other channels. With AfterShip, Omnisend can receive different delivery events for each shipment from your AfterShip account

Product Updates

AfterShip + Loox integration

Today we like to officially announce the Loox [] integration for AfterShip. Loox is a top Shopify reviews application that help brands to collect product reviews at the right timing, and displays the customer's product reviews at online store fronts and other channels. Thanks so much for the Loox team to integrate with AfterShip 🍺. With Loox's integration to your AfterShip account, you can schedule to send emails using actual delivery time to collect product reviews. You can n

API Updates

AfterShip APIs adding four new fields 🎁

Today we are adding four new fields into AfterShip API (POST/trackings and GET/trackings) together at our webhooks response to prepare for the new features we are launching: * order_promised_delivery_date (string, YYYY-MM-DD) * delivery_type (string, enum) a. pickup_at_store b. pickup_at_courier c. door_to_door * pickup_location (string) * pickup_note (string) Users can start sending those additional fields for each shipment. The future features will allow users to: 1. Find out

Product Updates

Launching AfterShip for Facebook Messenger

With AfterShip's latest integration, enterprise plan users can enable customers to subscribe to delivery updates via Facebook Messenger notifcations. Facebook Messenger has been a key channel for brands to communicate to customers given its high open rate and click through rate. What's the best? it is a totally white-label solution unlike other solutions in the marketing. Meaning the notifications are sent from your Page. What customers see By connecting your Facebook Page to your AfterShip

eCommerce Tips

Adopting Shopify Polaris Design - 6 Reasons and 6 Do's

We have applied Shopify Polaris Design [] to our admin portal, following Shopify's announcement at Unite 2018. It is not an easy decision especially it means you need to replace your whole UI component library (if there is one). In this blog we will share why we choose Shopify Polaris over other libraries or building our own library, and also tips of applying Shopify Polaris to your current design. And of course - big thanks to the Shopfiy Polaris team for this aweso

Product Updates

Launching AfterShip for Zendesk Support

Thanks to the hard work of our engineers and product team, today we are launching AfterShip for Zendesk integration [] to all enterprise accounts. With the AfterShip app for Zendesk, your customer success teams can see the latest delivery status of related shipments of your customers easily, without switching between application. Agents can easily copy and paste the latest results together with a one-click tracking link. 👉Install AfterShip app at Z