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Tracking Number Doesn't Work - Is It Fake?

If you are an honest online store, have you ever received customers' complaints about tracking numbers not working? Customers wonder: * Is the tracking number fake? * Is the online store a scam? * Will I really receive my order? * Can I get the money back? All the panic a shopper have can result in canceling orders and multiple customer complaints, and, worst of all—you believe that the tracking numbers are real! In this article, I will tell you the mistake an online store makes and how

eCommerce Tips

How to Avoid Failed Delivery Attempts

Have you ever had the experience of a package going back to the sender because the receiver missed the delivery or the delivery address was wrong? Whenever a delivery fails, the delivery man leaves notifies the user regarding the next delivery time or asks the receiver to re-arrange the delivery according to their availability. But there could be unwanted delays due to various reasons such as - the receiver is not available to collect the package or have given a wrong delivery address. In this

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Adopting Shopify Polaris Design - 6 Reasons and 6 Do's

We have applied Shopify Polaris Design [] to our admin portal, following Shopify's announcement at Unite 2018. It is not an easy decision especially it means you need to replace your whole UI component library (if there is one). In this blog we will share why we choose Shopify Polaris over other libraries or building our own library, and also tips of applying Shopify Polaris to your current design. And of course - big thanks to the Shopfiy Polaris team for this aweso

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How to Use AfterShip For Shopify in 5 Minutes

Table of Content. Click for direct access: 1. Install AfterShip via Shopify App Store 2. Install AfterShip via our Website 3. Video — How AfterShip Works 4. Video — How to Fulfil an Order and Add Tracking Number at Shopify? 5. How to add Tracking Page at Shopify? 6. Video — How to Insert AfterShip Track Button to my Shopify Store -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is easy to install AfterShip on your Shopify store. It takes less than 2 m

Product Updates

English translation for China Post and China EMS tracking

It has been a while since we wrote about AfterShip features (sorry for being lazy on marketing ;). We now switch to ghost [] platform for our blog and hopefully forcing ourselves to write more. While we grow our team to now 23 people (in which 21 are developers), the team has been working hard to rewrite AfterShip API [] and upgrade to v5. We have learned a lot in the last 3 years and it is time to clean up the codes and make the system more scalable.

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How iHerb builds trust with international shoppers - shipping experience review on iHerb

Run an online store and ship domestically only to US, Canada or UK? Think twice after reading the following graph. While US and Canada are expected to see a strong growth of 14% and 16% annually, China, India and Mexico are enjoying a much ~faster~ crazier annual growth at 57%, 44% and 21% respectively according to Statista [] . Are you ready for shipping internationally? In this article, I will

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4 Best Practices to Improve eCommerce Shipping Experience

The ideal shipping policy of an online store is free delivery and free returns, isn't it? If you have run an online store for a while, you should know that online shoppers are not that easy to please, especially with the presence of omni-channels and mobile shopping. In this article, I will go through 4 best practices for empowering shipping experience of an online store. 1. Free or discounted shipping Offer free or discounted shipping option has already become a norm in the ecommerce industry

eCommerce Tips

How Many Times Do People Track a Package?

An important question that comes in my mind when I ask myself how important it is for an online store to allow customers to track their orders within the website [] . How frequent do people track a shipment? UPS suggests 2/0.42 times per shipment based on their 2012 fact sheet []. * Daily delivery volume =16.3 million packages &  documents