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AfterShip ❤ Shopify Unite 2018 + New Features Summary

AfterShip team has been a Shopify partner since 2011 serving over 10K Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants. This year also marks 3 years of attending Shopify Unite Conference. If you're Shopify merchants, app developers and agency partners, this article will give you a quick summary of the important updates of key features announced at Shopify Unite 2018. # Shopify Services Marketplace - Summer 2018 ✓ Shopify ✓ Shopify Plus Shopify will be launching new app store and also Shopify's Services Mar

eCommerce Tips

Launching Integrately - easiest way to integrate with shopping carts and marketplaces

Today, we are launching a new product called Integrately [] that helps businesses to integrate with any shopping carts and marketplaces in one API. At AfterShip, our teams have to integrate with many marketplaces, shopping carts and eCommerce platforms. Applications have different integration methods, documentations, data structures, and uses different programming langauges. Not only there are new apps launching every moment, and we also need to update integration ofte

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How to Use AfterShip For Shopify in 5 Minutes

Table of Content. Click for direct access: 1. Install AfterShip via Shopify App Store 2. Install AfterShip via our Website 3. Video — How AfterShip Works 4. Video — How to Fulfil an Order and Add Tracking Number at Shopify? 5. How to add Tracking Page at Shopify? 6. Video — How to Insert AfterShip Track Button to my Shopify Store -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is easy to install AfterShip on your Shopify store. It takes less than 2 m

Product Updates

Product Update: AfterShip For iOS Gets Accounts & Data Sync

Early November we updated our [Android app](/android-app-update-data-sync/" target="_blank) in order to enable accounts & data synchronisation between your AfterShip account and your mobile app. We received great feedback about it. Today we are happy to announce this feature is now available for [iOS](" target="_blank) too. As you are trying the new iOS app, you will notice a couple of changes: * Ability to sync your shipments across dev

Product Updates

Product Update: Accounts & Data Sync for our Android App

Many of our "hardcore" users wanted this. We knew it because they kept asking us on the Google Play Store, via our Customer Support or on social media. We listened, and built the feature they cared the most about: > Data Sync between your mobile app and your web account. Along with this new feature, we refreshed the design of the app and we now offer the possibility to: * Create or Login to the app with your AfterShip account * Enable/Disable notification * Mark a shipment as delivered

eCommerce Tips

We Organised a Hackathon: Here's What We Learned

Last week, we organised an internal hackathon during three days and a half in our office. Most of you might know what a hackathon is. > Hackathon: an event, lasting several days, in which a large number of people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming. Ours was a bit different though. Rules were simple. Pitch any idea related to AfterShip or Postmen. Convince your teammates to join your team. Hack. Demo your product. Win. Two criteria mattered: 1. Execution 2. Business Model

Product Updates

Thank You Droids!

AfterShip for Android just passed 500,000 downloads! We wanted to send out a very big, massive THANK YOU / 謝謝 to all of you who’ve supported us along the way. We couldn’t have reached this milestone without you! We started this app out more as an MVP product to test out the demand and now AfterShip mobile app is the only package tracking app that supports more than 360 couriers all around the world. With no ads, and is free of charge. “It's cool to reach this milestone, but can't wait to reac

Product Updates

Announcing New Design & Branded Tracking Page

Five years ago, AfterShip set off with a mission: to make shipment tracking easier for online sellers and buyers. We've now reached 130,000 registered users all over the world. With a lot of great feedback and ideas from people like you, our team has worked hard building this new design and hope to give you a better tracking experience. Long story short, here's a summary of the changes before we look in details (GIFS speak louder than words): * New feature: branded Tracking Page to engage c

Product Updates

A Better Shipment Tracking Experience on BigCommerce With AfterShip

AfterShip today announced the integration of their search engine into the BigCommerce platform to provide a seamless shipment tracking experience for online customers after purchase. AfterShip is now able to offer clients custom commerce solutions powered by BigCommerce, the leading eCommerce platform for fast-growing and mid-market brands. What's new? Through this integration, AfterShip enables BigCommerce merchants to select their local couriers and postal services from over 350 carriers wo