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Wednesday Fulfillment

How to calculate volumetric or dimentional weight

What is volumetric weight Volumetric weight is also called dimensional weight, which is calculated from length, width and height with a volumetric divisor. Each courier can have a different volumetric divisor for calculating volumetric weight. Below you can find the volumetric weight formula or also called dim weight factor. What is volumetric weight calculation formula Each courier may have a different volumetric weight calculation, below are the formula FedEx and UPS calculate volumetric we

Thursday Postmen

What is Address Validation? Does Postmen support it?

Postmen API does not support address validation for now as we are still focusing on integrating more carriers for label printing and rates calculation. In this post, I am going to tell you different options for address validation in the market that you can choose from. What is address validation? To be precise, address validation is also called address verification, address suggestion or address correction. In general, it refers to Street-level address validation which returns single or multipl

Wednesday Fulfillment

Shipping labels 102 - paper size, label format and printer choices

Fulfillment Wednesday today will tell you how to setup your printer, and what label size and format you should choose when printing electronic shipping labels (i.e. online labels) with thermal printers and desktop printers. Label paper sizes & Printer Type In general there are** 2 different paper sizes** for shipping labels: Paper SizePrinter TypeCourier 4" x 6" Thermal printerUPS, DHL, FedEx, USPS, Royal Mail 8" x 11.5" (~A4)Laser or inkjet printerAll couriersBasically 4x6 paper size is used

Wednesday Fulfillment

Shipping labels 101 - 3 ways to create shipping labels online

Fulfillment Wednesday yeah - it is my favorite day as I got to learn what matters for an online retailer shipping an order. Today I will go through different options of creating shipping labels online. What are shipping labels Shipping labels basically detail the delivery information like ship from, ship to, package description, dimension, weight, customs, billing info. Shipping labels are also called waybill or consignment note depending on the shipping company. Usually the courier has a speci

Wednesday Fulfillment

What is manifest, end of day form, scan form?

Today is fulfillment wednesday, which I will go through issues, questions or topics we came across when shipping. Today's topic is manifest, which is also called end of day form or scan form for some carriers. What is manifest? Manifest is sort of a confirmation list of shipments that you're going to ship that day. In general, carriers require shippers to print out a manifest form at the end of the day and pass to the carrier - which carrier will verify the list of shipments. Some carriers a