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Growth Hacking Your eCommerce: Why Does it Matter

Five years ago, some friends located in the Valley started to elaborate on a new topic: growth hacking. Doe-eyed vertical eCommerce now look at growth hacking principles with curiosity. Thinking it will lead them to more customers, and more sales. Inevitably. Check at the graph below (from Google Trends). But what does growth hacking mean for your eCommerce? Is it a discipline, a state of mind, or both? Can growth hacking be the solution to help you grow your business? And if so, how? We'l

Product Updates

AfterShip For Android Got A New Design

AfterShip is proud to announce today a new version of our Android app. Note: you can now vote AfterShip for Android on [Product Hunt](" target="_blank) 😻 We've been testing it within the team and with some key users and the feedback so far has been great. Since July 2014—initial launch—the design of the app has not changed. While we wanted to keep the same branding and feeling, we needed to refresh it. More Material Design but also the

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How To Make Your eCommerce Relevant For Christmas

You want your eCommerce website to be relevant. One thing you've been wondering is how to stand out from the competition. Context is king. You will buy and receive gifts for Christmas. As usual. So will your customers. And you want them to buy it from you. Holiday season starts with Black Friday and ends with Christmas. It's a huge peak for your revenue but you know that. You have to adapt your website, the way it looks, but also your approach to selling. Your relationship with your customer

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Why Net Promoter Score NPS® Matters For Your eCommerce Stores?

Your customers come and go. But how do you know if they are happy with their experience on your website? What's the signal? You may be selling more and more, and that's obviously a good sign. But are you really sure? You can feel the pulse of what your customers think about you on social media. It's easy to find both negative and positive tweets about your brand or products. Or they get in touch with you via Facebook, or send you emails to your customer support inbox. But they are not the m

API Updates

Product Update: A Brand New API Console Just For You

Companies ship millions of items every single day. They use different couriers, have to deal with different services and they are afraid of one thing: > Is it going to be delivered the right way? The right way to ship must be cheap, fast, safe, and reliable. AfterShip was born because of this frustration shared between merchants and customers during the shipping process: where is my package? That's why we built the only shipment tracking platform able to track 360+ couriers all around the w

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5 Books for eCommerce Product Managers

Being a Product Manager is hard, period. Why is that? Martin Eriksson defines [product management](" target="_blank) as the intersection between UX, business, and tech. So now, imagine three departments, with three very different types of people. UX being one, sales & marketing being another, and web developers. You, as the product manager, have to move the needle in the right direction with them. And you're kind of the a

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5 IFTTT Recipes To Run Your eCommerce Stores

Have you ever dreamed of having a robot doing tasks in the background? At AfterShip, we're all in to give you the recipes for doing more, with less efforts. So you can focus on growing your business. Meet IFTTT. You've heard about it before but you might have missed the opportunity to try it. IFTTT stands for “if this then that”. It's a free web-based service that allows users to create chains of simple conditional statements. All automated. They call these conditional statements recipes. One

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3 Impacts of Twitter's new, longer tweets to Online Retailers and Brands

Twitter is the best social media platform for your business and you might not know it yet. Here's why. Some changes are happening, and it will impact how you're using the platform so far. According to [the Verge]( " target="_blank), Twitter "will cut down on exactly which types of content count toward the platform's 140-character limit. Media attachments (images, GIFs, videos, polls, etc.) and quoted tweets

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Welcome To The Future Of Delivery

What a time to be alive! Drones, robots, algorithm... the future of delivery is bright. And exciting. Ever since the video from Amazon Prime Air got released, our attention shifted. We now think that the future of delivery = drone delivery. This is partially true. > Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads. > Dr. Emmett Brown - Back to the Future II Here are a couple of other exciting projects that caught our attention. Robby Robby is a tech startup that makes self-driving delivery ro

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Why Choosing The Right Ecommerce Platform Matters And Other Tips From Danny Richman

This is our third round-up with ecommerce experts. To read about the first one, or the last one with Today we interview Danny Richman. Danny is one of the UK's leading online marketing and Search Engine Optimisation experts and founder of [Richman SEO Training](" target="_blank). Danny has been developing successful online businesses since the birth of the internet, advising clients how to maximise online ROI and improve their visibility on

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The Quick Check-List To Make Your eCommerce More Trustworthy - Part TWO

We've talked about the quick hacks you can implement to make your eCommerce more trustworthy. You know you can't rely only on these, although they do help. You want to make a difference in the long run and build this special relationship with your customers. Trust in yourself, in your story, don't be shy. No matter which product line your are selling, your story is unique. Be bold. As David Ogilvy, famous advertiser, put it: > Don't bunt, aim out of the ballpark. Aim for the company of immorta

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The Quick Check-List To Make Your eCommerce More Trustworthy - Part ONE

[This is the part one of our blog post: The Quick Check-List To Make Your eCommerce More Trustworthy. For part two, focusing on the long-term strategy, click here []] Open your Google Analytics and check your bounce rate. Not so great right? People come to your website but they don’t buy. Even worse, they come to your eCommerce store, stay 15 seconds or less, leave and don’t even remember you. What can you do to change t

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Want More Sales? Catalin Zorzini, Founder of eCommerce Platforms, Explains How

On this blog, one of our goal is to help you crack the code of building a profitable eCommerce website. Which is why we love when experts like Catalin Zorzini, or entrepreneurs trying to make a dent online like [Steve Finder](" target="_blank) take the time to bring some eCommerce insights for you. A couple of years ago, Catalin was struggling to find which is the best eCommerce platform for one of his project. So he launched a blog whe

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The Simple 6-Step Method For Managing Angry Customers On Social Media

Anger is an emotion that spreads much more widely and quickly across the social network according to one Chinese study. You've worked so hard to build your eCommerce brand and reputation and suddenly one, two, three, fifty customers complain on social media and you start loosing your nerve. When your customer is expressing anger, she or he is not using the thinking part of the brain - the cortex - but the limbic center of the brain. It all responds to a frustration - where is my package? is on

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5 Reasons to Join an Online eCommerce Group (And Which One to Pick)

You've chosen the hard entrepreneurial path. It's a long and lonely road yet you'd rather hustle 24/7 than slave 9-to-5. You want your own freedom. You want to belong to "The Entrepreneur Club". Among the ones who don't fit. The ones who make things happen on their own terms. Your family might not approve your decision. Your friends are skeptical. What remains is you. Searching for the right strategy to increase traffic to eCommerce website []. Looking for th

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13 Exciting eCommerce Brands To Follow For Inspiration

Whether you've just started to work on your eCommerce, or you're thinking to "pivot" and go in another direction, it's always good to benchmark other successful brands that are selling online direct-to-consumer. It's easier than ever now to start a business and work on solving your own problems but it takes guts and courage to come up with an idea, execute on it and disrupt a whole industry. Below are 13 brands we believe are putting together the key ingredients to build profitable eCommerce bu