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Postmen is now an official UPS Ready™ Program Partner

We are happy to announce that Postmen is now a certified UPS Ready™ Program Partner that deepens our expertise in UPS offerings. UPS is a leading delivery service company in the world, offering a wide range of domestic, international, and freight shipping options. The certification expands our range of UPS offerings significantly, which will help you streamline your shipping during the most important days of your business. Here’s a comprehensive list of our UPS offerings: * UPS Next Day A

DHL Express

Postmen proudly announces its DHL Express certification

We are happy to announce that Postmen has now become a certified DHL Express solution that deepens our expertise in DHL Express offerings. DHL Express is known for its full range of cross-border services covering 220+ countries and territories across the globe. The certification expands our range of DHL Express offerings and helps in bridging the gap between the eCommerce businesses and their customers. Here’s a comprehensive list of our DHL Express offerings: * DHL Break Bulk Express *


Postmen announces its FedEx® Compatible certifications

We are happy to announce that Postmen has now become a certified FedEx® Compatible software solution that deepens our expertise in FedEx shipping offerings. FedEx is one of the most popular express shipping providers having a wide range of outstanding services backed with a robust tracking system. We have expanded our range of FedEx offerings to strengthen your shipping processes and experiences. Here’s a comprehensive list of our FedEx offerings: * FedEx Europe First International Priori

USPS Pricing

USPS announced a temporary increase in the shipping rates for 2021 festive season

USPS, the United State’s national postal service provider, has announced a temporary hike in its shipping rates that will be in effect from October 3, 2021. This seasonal adjustment in the shipping prices is designed to address the increase in the handling costs associated with the holiday shipping activity and is in accordance with the competitors’ practices. Which USPS shipping services will get impacted? An increase in the USPS peak shipping rate will have a significant impact on various s


The 2021 Holiday Cut-off Dates for USPS

Festival season is around the corner, and it is crucial for you to find the holiday shipping cut-off dates of your preferred couriers to optimize your shipping workflow and easily handle an increased volume of orders. USPS has published its 2021 holiday cut-off dates to help retailers deliver orders into their customer’s hands in time during the holidays. So, mark your calendar with these cut-off dates below to ensure timely delivery of the customer packages. 2021 Holiday Shipping Dates for


Streamline shipping process & order management with bulk actions

With the rise in eCommerce orders, even the best teams run into roadblocks that hinder efficiency. It is crucial to give your team their time back to focus on the work that matters most and improve team efficiency. Postmen have added new features in its kitty to improve both the speed and quality of your team’s work. Introducing bulk actions to save time & effort significantly Postmen has recently released a new feature - Bulk actions, wherein users would be able to apply several useful actions


Simplify Your Shipping Process With the ‘End of Day’ Form

If you are in the ecommerce space, it is pivotal to remain at par with the fast-evolving customer expectations by ensuring quick delivery of the products. A fast shipping process demands a streamlined shipping process [] and documentation. In an attempt to make the shipping process smooth and quick, Postmen has released the ‘End of Day’ (EOD) form for all users. What is the ‘End of Day’ form? ‘End of Day’ (EOD) form or shipment manifest is a compil

Product Update

Accelerate your shipping process with Postmen automation rules

"Time is money." And those who value it always look for ways to do things as quickly as possible. If you deal in the ecommerce space, you probably can weigh the importance of making the shipping process not only error-free but speedier as well. At Postmen, we strive to make your shipping processes go from smooth to smoother and from smoother to smoothest. And in an attempt to achieve that, we have added yet another feature that would make you breathe easy when it comes to shipping. Introduc


Enjoy 10% off of Aramex courier account with Postmen

Postmen is a multi-carrier shipping software and API that powers easy integration with USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, China Post, TNT, and 60+ other couriers []. Adding to its globally expanding network of couriers, Postmen is thrilled to announce its official partnership with one of the rapidly growing global brands in the logistics and transportation industry, Aramex. Aramex is a UAE based comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions provider, nestled central