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Introducing Returns Center's Forever Free Plan (COVID-19 response)

We know that many e-Commerce businesses are affected by COVID-19 and we also realize this fight gotta be a long and tough one. Our team at AfterShip Returns Center decides to launch a Forever Free plan and hope this can help support the SMB businesses 🤟 Everyone is invited. ✅No payment method needed ✅3 returns each month ✅ No extra charge Get the FREE plan now []

Product Updates

Print discounted USPS returns labels with Returns Center

Good news! You can now print discounted USPS returns labels with AfterShip Returns Center [] for your domestic USA orders. You can now enjoy CPP rates for USPS first-class service type without any shipment volume commitment. AfterShip Returns Center is the ultimate returns management tool for fast-growing retailers. Your customers can enjoy the seamless self-service returns experience - click, print and return. How it works 1. Create a USPS Postmen shipper ac

Product Updates

Product Update: Navigation & marketing assets in the branded returns page

Convert returns to sales with these newly launched marketing features Do returns seem like a loss? You may not be aware but there are hidden opportunities lying in it✌ AfterShip branded returns page [] helps you capitalize on this opportunity. ✨ New features have been added …. Deliver a delightful post-purchase experience with the AfterShip branded returns page. To optimize returns and convert them into sales we have added new customization feat

Product Updates

Product Update: Multi-language Branded Returns Page

To provide a personalized returns experience, multiple languages are available! You can now display the branded returns page in different languages. Language settings From the new admin portal [], go to Settings > Languages Click “Add languages”, and then you can add languages, also you can remove languages from the list. Further, you can change the default language of your returns page. Branded returns page Added languages will be displayed in the language dr

Product Updates

Product Update: Send web push messages to your subscribers in their time zones

Reach your subscribers at the right time It's hard to notify international customers at the right time as they are in diffferent time zones. We launched a new feature at Automizely Messages to solve this problem. A new scheduling option Simply choose Time zone of each subscriber while setup a web push schedule. All your subscribers will receive your message at the specific time in their own time zone. Try it out for free. Sign up Automizely Messages [

Product Updates

Refund to Shopify orders in Returns Center

Today we launched a new update to our Returns Center product. We are now supporting Shopify merchants to refund directly from Returns Center. So you could manage your returns and refund in a single place. 2 options of Shopify refund For all Shopify merchants, you could easily Refund to original payment method to shoppers. If you are a Shopify Plus [] merchant, you could choose to refund to store credit by issuing Gift Card to shoppers. How to refund to original paym