For enterprise retailers having multiple brands, you want to provide a different customer experience across brands. We're very excited to introduce you the new multiple tracking pages to the Enterprise plan, allowing retailers to set multiple layout of tracking pages under the same AfterShip account.


Each tracking page has individual settings, including theme, marketing assets, design elements (e.g. fonts, colors) and languages.

Other than setting up multiple tracking pages for different brands, retailers can set a different page based on customer preference.

Example 1: a fashion brand setup tracking pages showing different product categories (e.g. female and male).

Example 2: a subscription based brand setup tracking pages showing subscription plans to those one-off purchase customers while showing new subscription plans to those who have already subscribed.

Easy setup

As you know you can setup custom domain with SSL for your tracking page. Alternatively, you can use our default tracking URL.
Using custom domain (with SSL):
Using default URL:

With the multiple tracking pages, you need to set a “page name” for each individual tracking page. Each tracking page has a different look and feel. The “page name” will be used to create the corresponding tracking page URL. You also set a default tracking page in case a user remove the page name in the URL.

Using custom domain (with SSL)

  • Tracking page #1: (default)
  • Tracking page #2:
  • Tracking page #3:

Using default URL

  • Tracking page #1: (default)
  • Tracking page #2:
  • Tracking page #3:


Available to Enterprise plan

This feature will be available to enterprise users first. Each enterprise user can have at most 6 tracking pages for now. We are also exploring to bring this feature for other plans in the future. Drop us a line at [email protected] if you like this feature.