It often happens that a single order consists of multiple shipments.

Currently, for the same order 3dcart allows you to enter the tracking number once.
We have worked out a solution for you 🎉🎉

💪AfterShip now supports tracking of multiple shipments for a single order, in 3dcart 😍

🔗 Customize shipping information

Edit the order shipping information in your 3dcart-store by separating each tracking number using commas ("," ).

Sync order to AfterShip and you are good to go!

😎 Install AfterShip on your 3dcart store

Wondering how to integrate 3dcart's store with AfterShip?

You can simply sign up an AfterShip account for free and connect your 3dcart store to AfterShip. The application will automatically import tracking numbers every 3 hours, allowing you to track all your shipments in one place and send out delivery updates.