Optimize your returns management with the revamped ‘Analytics Dashboard’

Updated: March 09, 2022


Published: March 08, 2022


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The majority of the merchants are well aware of the harsh reality of the eCommerce space that returns generate monetary losses, and if you fail to manage them effectively, you will end up losing a big chunk of your customer base.

AfterShip Returns Center has launched the new ‘Analytics Dashboard’ to help you extract more actionable insights from your return orders and processes to reduce your return rate and boost customer lifetime value.

What does the revamped Analytics Dashboard have in store for you?

  • In-depth returns analytics including total returns request, return reasons, top returns by variant, refund rate, exchange rate, total refund
  • Customer-oriented data such as average resolution time, automated returns (number of return requests handled by automation rules set by you), and customer location
  • Leverage powerful analytics to reduce your return rate, improve products, and boost the customer lifetime value
  • View detailed report to find the return value by time window and store currency

Now, let’s take a look at the step-by-step flow to access the Analytics Dashboard.

How to access the AfterShip Returns Center Analytics Dashboard?

  • You can get actionable insights (Total returns request, return reasons, top returns by variant, refund rate, exchange rate, total refund, average resolution time, and much more) based on the default settings
  • Set the date range as per your needs to get the desired results

For more information on how to effectively use the new Returns Analytics Dashboard, feel free to refer to our help guide.

So, extract the most out of your Returns Center Analytics Dashboard to optimize your returns processes and reduce losses significantly.

If you have confusion or want any information regarding this feature, feel free to contact our support team for quick assistance.

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