Postmen announces its FedEx® Compatible certifications

Updated: December 20, 2021


Published: December 15, 2021


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We are happy to announce that Postmen has now become a certified FedEx® Compatible software solution that deepens our expertise in FedEx shipping offerings.

FedEx is one of the most popular express shipping providers having a wide range of outstanding services backed with a robust tracking system.

We have expanded our range of FedEx offerings to strengthen your shipping processes and experiences. Here’s a comprehensive list of our FedEx offerings:

  • FedEx Europe First International Priority®
  • FedEx 2Day®
  • FedEx 2Day® A.M.
  • FedEx Distance Deferred
  • FedEx Express Saver®
  • FedEx Ground®
  • FedEx International Ground®
  • FedEx® Next Day by 12 noon
  • FedEx® Next Day by 9 a.m.
  • FedEx® Next Day
  • FedEx® Next Day by 10 a.m.
  • FedEx First Overnight®
  • FedEx Home Delivery®
  • FedEx International Economy®
  • FedEx International Economy® Freight
  • FedEx International First®
  • FedEx International Priority®
  • FedEx International Priority® Freight
  • FedEx Priority Overnight®
  • FedEx Standard Overnight®
  • FedEx International Connect Plus
  • FedEx International Priority Express®
  • FedEx First Overnight® Freight
  • FedEx Freight® Priority
  • FedEx Freight® Economy
  • FedEx 1Day® Freight
  • FedEx 2Day® Freight
  • FedEx 3Day® Freight
  • FedEx Economy
  • FedEx Priority Overnight® Extra Hours
  • FedEx Standard Overnight® Extra Hours
  • FedEx First Overnight® Extra Hours

This extensive list of FedEx services deepens our expertise in FedEx offerings and depicts our strong relationship with the courier service provider.

If you want to get access to FedEx shipping API via Postmen or FedEx XML/Web Services, refer to our help guide.

For any other questions or issues, please reach out to our customer support team and get quick assistance.

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