Decode Shopify Winter '24 Edition: Unleashing the Full Power of Checkout Extensibility

April 17, 2024


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Shopify Editions is a twice-yearly announcement that brings together all the changes and improvements to Shopify’s platform. Packaging it all together in one seasonal “edition” lets merchants explore many new features of Shopify in one place, saving you from hunting down multiple smaller updates.

Winter '24 Edition just hit, however, and there was a lot to go through. One of the most important parts of this announcement for many merchants, however, is the improvements to Checkout Extensibility. Finding ways to boost revenue at various touchpoints throughout the buyer journey should always be on your mind. Checkout Extensibility creates new opportunities to enhance customer experience and increase revenue.

With that in mind, let's talk about getting the most out of Checkout Extensibility through two key takeaways from the announcement.

Takeaway #1: Updated Checkout Extensibility offers more flexible customization with less effort.

One of the standout features in the Winter '24 Edition is enhanced flexibility in checkout customization. You can easily implement unique upsells, tailored discount codes, and even dynamic pricing strategies during checkout.

This level of customization was previously only achievable with extensive coding knowledge or third-party apps. Now these options are directly integrated into Shopify Plus's Checkout Extensibility, making it easier for merchants to create a high-converting checkout experience.

What is Checkout Extensibility?

Checkout Extensibility is the ability for merchants to customize and enhance their Shopify checkout experience through third-party apps or custom development. Merchants can go beyond the standard checkout options offered by Shopify and create a more tailored checkout process for their customers.

VIDEO EMBED: Updates to Checkout Extensibility announced in Shopify's Winter ’24 Edition 

Why is Checkout Extensibility Important?

With 14 new APIs and UI components, Checkout Extensibility goes beyond just the checkout page and enhances the thank you and order status pages. With an expanding app ecosystem, merchants can customize their checkout journey in virtually any configuration they want—with the power to showcase everything from personalized offers to earned loyalty points. Merchants can even ask for product feedback, which gives other customers the confidence to buy. 

It’s true customization, with less technical expertise required.

The introduction of Checkout Extensibility replaces and improves upon checkout.liquid framework (which will be fully sunset in 2025). In the past, eCommerce brands had trouble tweaking and streamlining their checkout procedures because of the high level of customization and engineering support needed. This move away from checkout.liquid opens the door to customizing checkout through an app-based experience, reducing the time and expertise required for implementation. 

The Power of Checkout Extensibility

By upgrading to Checkout Extensibility, merchants can unlock the potential to personalize their checkout process with apps that offer capabilities like upselling, loyalty programs, post-purchase surveys, conversion tracking, and custom branding. 

Taking advantage of Checkout Extensibility shifts how merchants approach checkout. It's no longer just a step in the transaction; now, it's an interactive part of the customer journey with opportunities to build loyalty, suggest new products, and more. Essentially, the extensions available let merchants tweak the customer experience at checkout to match their goals: build relationships with customers by collecting valuable feedback; use custom incentives to turn one-time customers into lifetime fans; or increase average order value through upselling and cross-selling complementary products after the initial purchase is completed.

If you can think of it, there’s probably an app to make it happen.

Takeaway #2: Optimize your checkout process to improve the experience and boost revenue growth.

Customizing your checkout process is a strategic move to drive higher revenue. With Checkout Extensibility features, merchants can introduce targeted upsells, apply dynamic discounts, and offer exclusive deals at just the right moment—turning a standard transaction into an opportunity for increased sales.

Here are some of the tried and true ways brands can achieve that:

Trust badges and smart banners

Incorporating trust badges and smart banners at the checkout can significantly enhance brand credibility, making customers more secure in their purchasing decisions. This increased sense of security directly influences the conversion rate, as shoppers are more likely to complete a purchase when they trust the platform.

For instance, trust badges such as "Secure Checkout" or "SSL Certified" can reassure customers that their personal and payment information is safe. Similarly, smart banners that display popular products or limited-time offers can entice customers to add more items to their carts.

Bundle sales with personalized recommendations

By intelligently analyzing customer data and shopping behavior, merchants can offer personalized bundles that are relevant and appealing to each shopper. This not only improves the average order value (AOV) by encouraging customers to buy more but also enhances the shopping experience by making it feel customized and thoughtful.

Use conversion tools to increase upsell conversion

Using conversion tools such as countdown timers, free shipping offers, and discounts at the checkout can dramatically increase upsell conversion and AOV. These tools create a sense of urgency and provide additional value, which can be the deciding factor for customers on the fence about making an additional purchase.

For example, a countdown timer for a limited-time offer compels immediate action, while free shipping thresholds encourage customers to add more items to their cart to qualify. Strategically deploying these conversion tools boosts revenue growth and enriches the checkout experience, making it more engaging and rewarding for customers. We’ve also seen brands like Elegoo do this to bundle items that have been frequently bought together.

Should you wait to upgrade to Checkout Extensibility?

Shopify’s message is loud and clear: Checkout Extensibility gives merchants more flexibility to customize their customer journeys. With checkout.liquid phasing out, Shopify Plus merchants will need to shift eventually to Checkout Extensibility to continue taking advantage of the app ecosystem—this update gives them some pretty compelling reasons not to wait until 2025!

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