Convert returns to sales with these newly launched marketing features

Do returns seem like a loss?
You may not be aware but there are hidden opportunities lying in it✌
AfterShip branded returns page helps you capitalize on this opportunity.

✨ New features have been added ….

Deliver a delightful post-purchase experience with the AfterShip branded returns page.
To optimize returns and convert them into sales we have added new customization features for you😍
You can now set up navigation and add marketing assets to your store website.


📄 Add menu items

Simply add menu items to the branded returns page and
📌 improve your website design
📌 reduce bounce rate
📌 organize your store

👛 Introduce marketing assets

Customize your branded returns page with marketing assets to engage shoppers. Optimize returns page by attracting shoppers before or after they submit return requests.

You can also announce offers, promotions or new products to your customers.

Convert returns into sales with the AfterShip branded returns page

Try out these new features and seize the chance right away!