Today we launched a new update to our Returns Center product. We are now supporting Shopify merchants to refund directly from Returns Center. So you could manage your returns and refund in a single place.

2 options of Shopify refund

For all Shopify merchants, you could easily Refund to original payment method to shoppers. If you are a Shopify Plus merchant, you could choose to refund to store credit by issuing Gift Card to shoppers.

How to refund to original payment method

In returns settings, turn on Refund to original payment method option.

Once a RMA is approved, you would see a Refund button.

Click the button, adjust the refund amount if needed, and confirm the refund.

That's it! The refund details could be found in the Shopify order. A refund notification email is also sent to your customers.

How to refund to store credit

This is only available for Shopify Plus merchants. Please, contact us to switch on the feature for you.

Similar to refund to original payment method

  • Turn on Refund to store credit option in returns settings
  • You could find the Refund button while customers are returning for store credit

To refund, adjust the refund amount and confirm, the following would happen:

  • The order items are marked as refunded
  • A Shopify gift card of the refund amount is created and it is sent to customer's email

Gift cards generated could be found here inside Shopify.