Use Cart Recovery Popups to Ride on the Success Wave

Updated: December 28, 2021


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Witnessing a high cart abandonment rate has always been disheartening for e-commerce business owners. Rightly so, because it not only leads to a downward spiral in the profit graph but also makes a negative impact on business longevity.

‘According to Statista, 88.05 percent of online shopping orders got abandoned in March 2020.’

This statistic should be enough to understand that a continuous rise in the cart abandonment rate could bring the curtain down on any online business.

So, what’s the solution?

Automizely Marketing 🤟

Didn’t get it?

Automizely Marketing has a new feature called Cart Recovery Popups, which allows you to encourage prospects to make a purchase from your store.

Besides preventing the cart abandonment rate, this new feature brings many amazing benefits. Such as:

  • Ensures business longevity
  • Keeps the profit levels high
  • Sends existing customers a message that they are valuable to your brand
  • Leads to customer acquisition
  • Results in positive WOMM (word-of-mouth marketing)

How can I enable cart recovery popups in Automizely Marketing?

It’s pretty easy!

Just follow these steps and enable cart recovery popups with the utmost ease 🤟

  • Log in to your Automizely Marketing account
  • Go to the ‘Popups’ option placed under the ‘Conversion tools’ tab
  • Click on the ‘Add new popup’ option and then choose the ‘Cart Recovery’ popup template
  • Enter the required details in the fields of ‘Popup settings,’ ‘Text,’ and ‘Style’ tabs and then verify them properly
  • Hit the ‘Publish’ button to finish the process

Want to learn more about the fields of ‘Popup settings,’ ‘Text,’ and ‘Style’ tabs? Take a tour of this help article or chat with our support team right now ✌️

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