Livrapide Tracking

Livrapide Tracking

Delivering and distributing your products in good time and in the right place is as important as their quality. Since 2006, LivRapide Distribution, a 100% Quebec company, specializes exclusively in the transportation and distribution of goods. The respect and application without exception of our val...
Livrapide branded tracking experience
For businesses

Livrapide branded tracking experience

Give customers the best post-purchase experience with proactive delivery updates.

Livrapide tracking API and webhooks
For developers

Livrapide tracking API and webhooks

Designed for developers to integrate Livrapide tracking functionality easily using
Livrapide tracking API

Get Livrapide updates with AfterShip mobile app
For shoppers

Get Livrapide updates with AfterShip mobile app

Keep your shopping organized. Never miss your Livrapide delivery again.

For business
For business

Engage customers after sales with delivery updates.

Keep customers informed of delivery updates.

delivery status notification
For shoppers
For shoppers

Keep your online shopping organized

See the latest status of your online orders in one place.

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