Yamato Japan Tracking

Yamato Japan Tracking

Yamato Japan (ヤマト運輸, ta-q-bin Japan) is a division of Yamato, handling domestic deliveries in Japan and international express postal services from Japan to Asia (mainly Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Shanghai).
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Yamato Japan branded tracking experience

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Yamato Japan tracking API and webhooks

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Get Yamato Japan updates with AfterShip mobile app

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How to Track Your Yamato Transport Packages

If you're eagerly awaiting the arrival of your Yamato Transport packages and want a hassle-free way to track them, AfterShip provides some reliable and comprehensive package tracking solutions. With AfterShip's intuitive Tracking Page, you can easily keep tabs on your shipments. Let's walk through the steps to track your Yamato Transport packages.

Track Yamato Transport Packages on AfterShip Tracking Page

  1. Find your tracking number: Before we dive into the tracking process, make sure you have your Yamato Transport tracking number handy. You can typically find it in your email or any confirmation messages you receive when placing your order. The tracking number is usually provided by the shipping company or the online retailer.
  2. Visit the AfterShip Tracking Page: To access the AfterShip Tracking Page, simply click on this link: AfterShip Tracking Page. This page serves as a convenient platform that supports tracking for various shipping carriers, including Yamato Transport.
  3. Enter your tracking number: Once you're on the AfterShip Tracking Page, you'll notice a search bar or input field. Here's where you need to enter your Yamato Transport package tracking number accurately. Take care to input the number correctly and double-check for any errors. After you've entered the tracking number, click on the "Track" button to proceed.

After submitting your tracking number, allow the AfterShip website a moment to process your request. In just a short while, you'll be presented with an updated page displaying the most recent status of your package. This valuable information includes details such as the package's last known location and an estimated delivery date based on the available data. You can now stay informed about the progress of your Yamato Transport shipment effortlessly.

Track Yamato Transport on the official page

To track your Yamato Transport packages, follow these steps on the official website:

  1. Enter the official page tracking.
  2. Start by entering the Tracking Numbers for your packages.
    • Note: The Tracking Number is a unique identifier assigned to each package.
  3. Once you've entered the Tracking Number, simply click on the "Track" button.
  4. To track your TA-Q-BIN pakckages from overseas, you should use International TA-Q-BIN Inquiry.

Please keep in mind that the tracking information will be available for approximately 90 days from the date of shipping.

What does my tracking number look like?

For Senders

You can find the tracking number on the top-right corner of the waybill. It is a 12-digit number that you should look for.

For Recipients

To validate the tracking number, kindly reach out to the sender. You can make use of the waybill number mentioned on the Attempted Delivery Notice.

What does my package status mean?

Status Explanation
Departure Scan The parcel has been picked up by the Yamato Transport Sales Driver and is currently either at a Yamato Transport Sales Office or has been shipped to the destination.
Request Accepted (alternate delivery schedule arrangement) A request to reschedule delivery has been accepted, and the parcel will be delivered on the requested date and time zone.
Request Accepted (pick up at Yamato's location) A request to change the pickup location to a Yamato Transport Sales Office has been accepted, and the parcel will be delivered to the specified Sales Office as requested.
In Transit The parcel is in transit and has passed through a Sales Office acting as a relay point. This Sales Office is not responsible for delivery.
Arrival Scan The parcel has arrived at the Sales Office responsible for delivery.
Out for Delivery The parcel is currently being delivered to its destination.
Delivered For domestic shipping within Japan:
Delivery has been completed.
For international shipping (International TA-Q-BIN):
Delivery to the freight forwarder in Japan has been completed.
To track the parcel after it has left Japan, please contact the shipping company in the destination country.
Hold at Yamato (pickup at Yamato's office) The parcel is being held at the specified Yamato Transport Sales Office. Please go to the office and pick up the parcel.
Hold at Yamato (Consignee Not Available) The parcel was returned to the Sales Office because the recipient was absent. It is now being held at the nearest Sales Office. To request redelivery, please use the contact form or call the provided telephone number.
Under Investigation (Address Unknown) The parcel cannot be delivered due to an incorrect recipient address. For more information, please contact Yamato Transport via the provided contact form or telephone number.
Returned The parcel has been returned to the sender upon their request, due to the holding period exceeding or other reasons.
Incorrect Tracking Number The tracking number entered is incorrect. Please verify the tracking number and try again.
Tracking Number Not Registered The tracking number has not been registered, and the shipping status cannot be checked at the moment. Please check again later.

About Yamato Transport

Yamato Transport, a leading logistics company based in Japan, has established a strong presence in the global market. With a rich history spanning over 100 years, Yamato Transport has earned a reputation for its reliable and efficient delivery services. The company's commitment to customer satisfaction is evident through its extensive network, encompassing more than 250 countries and territories worldwide. Utilizing advanced technologies and a robust infrastructure, Yamato Transport ensures swift and secure transportation of goods across diverse industries.

With a focus on innovation, the company continuously evolves its solutions to meet the ever-changing demands of the modern business landscape. By prioritizing quality and accuracy, Yamato Transport has become a trusted partner for individuals and businesses seeking seamless logistics solutions.

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Aurelie S.
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Amazing Service !! They are quick to respond, patient, SUPER HELPFUL They are very welcoming and always follow up to make sure we are ok with our process ! Thank you
Kartik L.
Kartik L. - SDL
Easy and Powerful! The platform was easy to use and I loved it helped integrate several tracking information into one singular place and notified me of statuses and delays! Its user friendly and I loved it let me customize my page to an extent!
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Great Shipping App for Onsite Shipments. Fast shipping, multiple shipping partner options, user-friendly site, fast pickup as well from Marchant, customer support is good. Can ship inter-country
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Accurate And Easy Shipment Tracking. The best aspect for me is the way shipments can be easily tracked. The interface is simple, nicely designed and easy to use. Another thing I like is the availability of mobile apps which enable easy scanning of bar codes and receiving push notifications. I also like that the service is quite affordable.
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Good order tracking solution with global coverage. Customer Service Flexible Pricing Account Management - Self Service Easy to integrate Simple UI Customizability of APIs Actionable insights and analytics Response for issues - excellent

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