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ManoMano is the first online marketplace specialized in DIY & Gardening. Philippe de Chanville and Christian Raisson launched the site in 2013 to "make DIY easy and affordable for all by bringing together the largest DIY offering online". ManoMano now operates in six countries across Europe with over 1.6 million referenced products and 2000 partner sellers.

The growth and development of the marketplace are closely linked to innovation in processes within the company, with a particular focus on data processing.

"A large part of our rapid growth is linked to not doing things like everyone else, especially in terms of ‘Big Data’. At ManoMano we believe that data makes it possible for customer experience to be ten times more satisfactory than in-store, more adapted and much more profound," said Philippe de Chanville, co-founder of ManoMano. (Source of the above:


ManoMano’s shipping team was facing a common challenge for marketplaces: “How do you follow delivery events from millions of shipments sent from hundreds of sellers around Europe when each seller is using its own fleet of carriers?”

In order to support ManoMano’s strong growth, they needed a partner who could:

  • Integrate +150 carriers that their sellers were working with and retrieve delivery events for all their shipped items.
  • Retrieve granular information in a standardized and unified way so that they could share detailed delivery events with their customers and thus be proactive in communication
  • Be flexible and prompt in problem-solving


AfterShip solves the industry-wide challenge of tracking sellers’ shipments to end-customers for marketplace. ManoMano evaluated AfterShip against other leading service providers in the shipment tracking industry and was satisfied with the feedback that AfterShip has received.

Victor SCHIEBER (Head of Fulfillment & Delivery Operations) and Kevin Loiseau (ManoFulfillment Seller Experience Lead) had experience working with AfterShip from their previous positions at leading marketplaces. They chose AfterShip for:

  • The tracking performances - “One of our main customer experience metrics is the tracking rate. Aftership helps us to continuously increase this metric thanks to their expertise in the specifics of each carrier and their flexibility to add new carriers on demand. ”
  • The API - “It took only 3 weeks for our engineers to implement Aftership”
  • The large number of existing carriers integrated through API
  • The swift response of the support team - “As soon as we raise an issue we can be certain we’ll have an answer the same day.”


Kevin Loiseau (ManoFulfillment Seller Experience Lead) saw significant changes brought with AfterShip. He further said:

“AfterShip helped

  • to improve the overall delivery experience by showing customer tracking events directly in their customer account instead of redirecting them to the carrier website.

Timeline ManoMano

  • to reduce the number of WISMO tickets by proactively communicating to the customer, the issue along with the right solution when a delivery incident occurs.

  • to save time & cost on carrier integration.

  • to follow-up with more accuracy, the seller performances (Delivery lead time, respect of the delivery promise…)

  • to create a Transport Quality Score and monitor carrier performance."

He further reiterated that AfterShip is a must-have for their marketplace model

ManoMano team
Victor SchieberHead of Fulfillment & Delivery
Kevin Loiseau ManoFulfillment Seller Experience Lead

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