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Soundbrenner is a hardware startup built around one central product. Launched in 2015, the Soundbrenner Pulse is an wearable metronome powered by vibrations. It is a modern and innovative take on traditional solutions that rely on an audible click.

With precision at the core of their identity, Soundbrenner is a brand created by and for people who are dedicated to their artistry.


Like any startup, the beginning stages is always the most hectic. Especially as a hardware startup, they found themselves having to juggle numerous moving parts.

“There are two types of companies, ones that care and ones that don’t. I want us to be one that cares .”

Florian Simmendinger Co-founder & CEO of Soundbrenner

For them, quality was non-negotiable. That meant undertaking extensive in-depth market research, understanding hardware and firmware development, creating an intuitive and easy to use companion app, dealing with the logistics and establishing a customer feedback loop to collect user feedback for future improvements .

The list goes on. However, they soon realize that spreading themselves out in such a way was not sustainable and detrimental to their core identity.

In order for the company to deliver top quality products and service, it was crucial that they had the ability y to focus on developing the Soundbrenner Pulse. At the same time, they could not afford to compromise on their level of service to their existing customers, thus looking into automating solutions.


A major challenge Soundbrenner faced in particular was in the handling of logistics.

Marketed as an international brand with demand all over the world, it was hard to monitor all the tracking information. With great frustrations for both the customer and the company when the product was lost, Soundbrenner enlisted the help of AfterShip.

Customer satisfaction is the utmost priority for Soundbrenner, as Mitchell (Business Operations Manager of Soundbrenner) explains, Being able to provide accurate shipment tracking to our customers has been a big help in achieving greater satisfaction and allowing us to better manage customer expectations.

As a company, dedicated to helping their customers achieve their full potential through precision, accurate shipment tracking is absolutely necessary.


Using AfterShip, Soundbrenner is able to have a better overview of logistics, staying in touch with their customers through auto-notification emails, and providing them with a peace of mind.

What’s more important is that it allowed them to focus on what’s important, perfecting the Soundbrenner Pulse and delivering the best experience possible.

If you would like to learn more about the story behind Soundbrenner, make sure to check out the AfterShip Blog. There we dive deeper into the brand along with a mini product review of the Soundbrenner Pulse.

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  • Soundbrenner, using AfterShip to be a company that cares with passion

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