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How AfterShip’s tracking accuracy allowed Byte® to give service with a smile


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A business with teeth

Founded in 2017, Byte provides customers with access to at-home invisible aligners that deliver professional results in half the time and cost of traditional methods. Increasing accessibility to orthodontics quickly revealed how many people had previously been priced out of treatment. Riding this surging demand, Byte has grown to 300 employees handling over 30,000 shipments per month—all coordinated with a network of over 200 dentists spanning 2 countries on 2 continents.

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A real pain in the data

To deliver the stunning smile they promise, it is essential that Byte can accurately track aligners, retainers, and impression kits going back and forth across multiple countries. Unforeseen delays slow down treatment and take a big bite out of customer satisfaction scores.

Prior to using AfterShip Tracking, Byte had been extracting data directly from their carriers to analyze performance and update customers. As shipment numbers rose, so did the data errors and the amount of time their IT and customer success teams were wasting patching code and manually retrieving numbers. If they wanted to expand their business, they needed a solution that quickly brought all their shipping data together in a dashboard that could give actionable insight.

“Before AfterShip, I was manually patching data every single day because if our data isn't up to date, our sales team isn't communicating with our customers in an effective, timely manner.”

Michael Bach, Senior Software Engineer

Brace yourself for AfterShip’s post-purchase experience

Byte decided that AfterShip Tracking was the only solution to consolidate all their data and enable their 5-year plan with worldwide carrier support. They knew that AfterShip Tracking's dashboard would be comprehensive, easy to operate, but most importantly, accurate and up-to-date. The icing on the cake was AfterShip Tracking's ability to easily segregate inbound and outbound deliveries, allowing their customer success teams to reassure customers at every step of their treatment.

The reason they went to AfterShip was

  1. The API limits were much more in accordance with where we needed to be from a volume perspective.
  2. We were able to segregate our outbound and return tracking.
  3. AfterShip gave us the homogenized data that we need that was reliable enough to meet our SLA.

Michael Bach, Senior Software Engineer

Hyper-precise tracking accuracy

AfterShip Tracking boosted Byte’s tracking accuracy to 99% for outbound shipments and 97% for inbound. Being able to spot and resend lost or delayed impressions avoided extending treatment and repeated impressions–an uncomfortable part of orthodontic treatment that patients prefer to avoid.

“Having reliable data when we're sending impression kits to customers and when impression kits are coming back to us is super critical in making sure that we're communicating effectively with our customers.”

Michael Bach, Senior Software Engineer

AfterShip Tracking gave Byte complete control of their shipment tracking update content. They tailored it to inspire their customers to share their excitement for a new smile across social media. This change delivered a significant increase in social media mentions after integrating AfterShip.

“People get jazzed. They start to share things on Instagram or TikTok and get other people in the door.”

Michael Bach, Senior Software Engineer

Engineers were freed from manual data retrieval

It’s critical for Byte’s team to know when aligners arrive since it triggers email notifications that remind customers when to switch aligners. These need to be timed very accurately to ensure that patients stay on track with their treatment. Byte’s previous solution was so unreliable that engineers were spending valuable time patching API integrations or manually getting data from the couriers themselves. Thanks to AfterShip’s seamless courier support and consolidated data, Byte were able to free up resources across their technical teams.

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