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Delivering an excellent post-purchase experience for Fruugo’s cross-border shoppers

Finding what you want from wherever you are

Fruugo, a global online marketplace, enables retailers to achieve worldwide reach, selling to shoppers in over forty countries.

With such a large footprint, providing the best customer experience can have complications: lots of countries, tons of couriers, and limited or missing tracking information. To address this, Fruugo has implemented AfterShip to substantially improve the post-purchase experience for many shoppers.

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Growing the global marketplace

Fruugo enables retailers everywhere to sell to shoppers anywhere.

As a global marketplace, Fruugo understands the complexities and intricacies of cross-border trade and offers the quickest, easiest, and most risk-free way of selling your products globally.

Customers can shop in their own language and currency from anywhere in the world, enjoying a truly localized experience with exchange rates and shipping costs all managed by Fruugo.

As more customers shift to shopping online, they are increasingly shopping internationally. Fruugo’s highly diverse range of customers and retailers is empowered by their innovative technology and knowledge, allowing both to connect seamlessly in over 40 countries around the world.

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Increasing customer satisfaction around the world

With an international customer base, there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to providing a positive post-purchase experience. From different currencies to different couriers and processes to follow, there are so many places where things can go wrong. Especially when you don't have a system in place to track everything. To enhance the customer experience, Fruugo required a platform that enabled end-to-end parcel tracking information powered by timely, accurate, and concise tracking data.

With cross-border shopping becoming more commonplace, customers were expecting to track their parcels every step of the way—whether it’s coming from the UK, US, or Australia.

Fruugo is always striving to give its customers the best possible customer experience, and as part of this, providing as many customers as possible with accurate tracking information.

Solving customer pain points with a bespoke post-purchase experience

Fruugo chose AfterShip as their go-to solution to provide end-to-end tracking for all orders placed on the marketplace. Not only did AfterShip seamlessly integrate with Fruugo’s existing systems, but AfterShip also had the coverage they needed to support their retailers selling in all of the markets they serve.

They were also able to improve their overall customer experience. With AfterShip, Fruugo was able to design and implement their own tracking page, giving their customers an easy way to track packages right on their website. Each customer touchpoint carries Fruugo branding to keep the familiar look and feel of their marketplace shopping journey.

We use AfterShip to consolidate our consignment tracking data globally, to give our customers timely information about the location of their order, and to allow us to monitor and manage the customer experience our retailers are providing. Our work with AfterShip is an important part of our mission to make cross-border shopping easy.

Tony Preedy

Managing Director, Fruugo

Learning more with AfterShip

Having more data to analyze can be extremely valuable in understanding what’s working well—and what could be improved.

Fruugo has full access to AfterShip's data insights which provide oversight of a customer's experience with regard to shipping. AfterShip makes it easy to identify potential issues and provides an intrinsic overview of shipping data.

At a glance, they can see and understand:

  • Which shipping carriers are being used most often and why
  • What the average delivery time is for different countries
  • How many orders are being delivered on time
  • What the most common customer service issues are

AfterShip’s analytics provide Fruugo with powerful insights they can use to improve performance. This data is then used to make strategic decisions about how to enhance the customer experience.

What’s next for the global marketplace?

Fruugo’s partnership with AfterShip has been important in meeting customer expectations around delivery tracking—and they aren’t stopping there. The team is always looking for ways to enhance the customer shopping experience, whether it’s through new integrations, features, or retailers.

Fruugo will continue to work with AfterShip and are seeking to always improve tracking accuracy and delivery times for its customers.

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