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How Inspire Uplift increased their repeat sales by 30% with AfterShip

Inspire Uplift + AfterShip = Higher NPS score and lower WISMO calls

Inspire Uplift could already see the importance of positive post-purchase experiences, but with over 1.5 million customers worldwide, they knew they needed reliable hands at the wheel. Via AfterShip’s easy-to-use dashboard, they triggered metric boosts across the board, including reduced WISMO tickets and increased sales numbers.

increase in email CTR
increase in repeat sales
reduction in WISMO tickets

Inspiring a convenient way of living with tech-advanced products

Inspire Uplift is an emerging online marketplace serving more than 1.5 million customers worldwide. It’s an all-in-one eCommerce platform offering everything from home improvement and garden supplies to technologically advanced electronics that make everyday life a breeze.

Inspire Uplift lives by the ethos of offering eco-friendly tech accessories to customers from the comfort of their homes at economical prices to make their life convenient, hassle-free, and productive.



Monthly shipments

Miami, Florida

Miami, Florida




Industry and platform

The challenge: Meet higher expectations with higher tracking visibility

Inspire Uplift needed a way to inform customers of their delivery status and proactively monitor and manage any transit delays. They wanted an automated solution to effortlessly integrate across email, SMS, and review platforms that would keep customers engaged throughout the delivery lifecycle and drive additional sales to boost revenue.

Partnering with an intelligent solution that scales

Inspire Uplift partnered with AfterShip for several reasons. AfterShip was the only choice that partnered with all their potential carriers (AfterShip supports over 970 carriers worldwide). Also, AfterShip has over thirty apps and integrations, all easily configurable, many of which the company uses daily. But most of all, they needed a solution that was easy to set up, easy to run, and easy to monitor. AfterShip’s experience working with the biggest brands and retailers in the world reassured them that they could deliver.

Inspire Uplift amped up their post-purchase engagement with AfterShip

AfterShip’s influence on their customer experience was immediate and significant.

1. 40% increase in click-through rate

AfterShip’s shipping notification emails regularly achieve an 80% open rate. And with 40% of people clicking through to engage more deeply, the opportunities for branding and upselling were exciting for their marketing team and directors alike.

2. 30% increase in repeat sales

Thanks to personalized product recommendations in their tracking emails, Inspire Uplift saw repeat sales grow by almost one-third.

3. 75% reduction in WISMO tickets

But it wasn’t just Inspire Uplift’s marketing team that was excited. Their customer service team saw enormous jumps in time and resources when dealing with 75% fewer tickets from customers asking where their order was.

AfterShip helped Inspire Uplift greatly improve our customer experience and transparency into the entire shipment process globally across many carriers. Without a platform like AfterShip, it would be difficult for us to serve customers globally on the scale we currently do.

Aaron Wallace

CEO, Inspire Uplift

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