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How AfterShip Tracking solved the industry-wide challenge of tracking shipments to end customers for ManoMano


The leading eCommerce marketplace for DIY and gardening products

ManoMano was the first online marketplace to specialize in DIY and gardening products. Philippe de Chanville and Christian Raisson launched the site in 2013 to "make DIY easy and affordable for all by bringing together the largest DIY offering online.”

ManoMano operates in six European countries, with over 1.6 million products and 2,000 partner sellers.

The growth and development of the marketplace correlate closely to internal process innovation, with a particular focus on data processing.

"A large part of our rapid growth is linked to not doing things like everyone else, especially in terms of ‘Big Data.’ At ManoMano, we believe that data makes it possible for the customer experience to be ten times more satisfactory than in-store, more adapted, and much more profound," de Chanville said.

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The challenge: Centralize data across millions of shipments

The shipping team at ManoMano faced a challenge familiar to many online retailers: “How do you follow delivery events from millions of shipments, sent from hundreds of sellers around Europe when each seller is using its own fleet of carriers?

To support its rapid growth, ManoMano needed a partner who could:

  • Integrate with 150 different carriers used by its sellers and retrieve delivery events for every shipped item.

  • Retrieve granular information in a standardized and unified format to share detailed delivery data with their customers.

  • Be flexible and prompt problem-solvers to achieve customer support excellence.

AfterShip Tracking’s end-to-end delivery experience excellence is what ManoMano strived to deliver

ManoMano compared AfterShip Tracking to other leading service providers in the shipment tracking industry and was impressed by their track record and partner feedback. Victor Schieber (Head of Fulfillment & Delivery Operations) and Kevin Loiseau (ManoMano's Fulfillment Seller Experience Lead) had partnered with AfterShip in previous positions at leading online retailers. They chose AfterShip Tracking for:

  • Tracking Performances - “One of our main customer experience metrics is the tracking rate. AfterShip Tracking helps us continuously increase this metric thanks to their expertise in the specifics of each carrier and their flexibility to add new carriers on demand. ”

  • The API - “It took only three weeks for our engineers to implement AfterShip Tracking.”

  • Carrier Network - “Many existing carriers were already integrated with AfterShip Tracking’s API.”

  • Swift Customer Support - “As soon as we raise an issue, we can be certain we’ll have an answer the same day.”

AfterShip Tracking helped ManoMano drive the bandwagon of post-purchase success with the power of automation

According to Kevin Loiseau, partnering with AfterShip Tracking led to significant positive changes for ManoMano, including:

1. Centralized shipment tracking

They improved the delivery experience by showing the customer tracking events within their customer account instead of redirecting them to the carrier website.


2. Proactive delivery delay communication

They reduced the number of WISMO tickets by proactively communicating shipping issues to the customer, along with the appropriate solution.

3. Saved time and cost on carrier integration

AfterShip Tracking supports integration with over 1,000 carriers worldwide. This alone helped ManoMano save considerable time, money, and effort in initiating integration with hundreds of carriers they support. They also started receiving accurate tracking data in one place to channel automated post-purchase communication.

4. Achieved competitive excellence with on-time delivery (OTD) tracking

Improving the accuracy of follow-up seller performance and delivery date expectations (delivery lead time, delivery promise fulfillment, etc.).

5. Improved delivery rate with performance benchmarking

ManoMano started creating a “Transport Quality Score” to monitor carrier performance and help them prioritize their business strategy to power the most customer-centric last-mile delivery experience.

He reiterated that AfterShip is a must-have post-purchase solution for their marketplace model.

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