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How Moda Operandi Reduced Shipment Exceptions by 25% Using AfterShip Tracking


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reduction in WISMO inquiries

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As a leading online fashion retailer, Moda Operandi strives to provide customers with a seamless shopping experience. By tapping into AfterShip's industry-leading shipment tracking services, Moda Operandi was able to monitor shipment exceptions in real time. This has enabled them to meet SLA targets, reduce shipment exceptions by 25%, and lower WISMO inquiries by 65%.

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Retail/DTC: Luxury Apparel 51-200 New York

Curating Fashion Worldwide

Moda Operandi is a leading online retailer that brings the best of its in-season assortment and the entirety of its next season’s collections to a global audience. Through their strong partnership with AfterShip, Moda Operandi has reduced workload and reallocated resources by utilizing an advanced analytics dashboard.

Using Tracking to enhance customer experience

With so many customers and orders, Moda Operandi needed a way to maintain visibility and control over their shipments. AfterShip provided shipment tracking insights with intuitive dashboards that allowed Moda Operandi to monitor exceptions. This helped to boost the overall customer experience in a few key areas.

Increasing shipment visibility to reduce WISMO tickets by 65%

Moda Operandi needed a way to improve the visibility of their shipments to reduce customer inquiries. Using AfterShip to optimize their transportation network, the team was able to have one centralized location to view all of their shipment data, allowing them to get ahead of any potential issues—and identify some issues before they reached the customer.

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They even used AfterShip’s shipment notifications to start directing customers to their branded tracking pages. This resulted in a 65% reduction in WISMO tickets, as customers could conveniently access real-time updates on the status of their orders. Now, Moda Operandi customers can be sure their orders are being taken care of and monitored, no matter what.

Reducing shipment exceptions by 25% with real-time exception alerts

In addition, AfterShip’s Exceptions Dashboard helps Moda Operandi to quickly identify any issues with shipments before they became a customer service concern. This allowed Moda Operandi to proactively resolve issues and meet their SLA targets.

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Using AfterShip opened our eyes to the issues we were dealing with. The more we dig into the data and analytics, we were able to highlight additional pain points.

Bushra Sarfaraz, Fulfillment Director

Using AfterShip opened our eyes to the issues we were dealing with. The more we dig into the data and analytics, we were able to highlight additional pain points.

Bushra Sarfaraz, Fulfillment Director
Bushra Sarfaraz Image

By leveraging the Exceptions Dashboard and having an eye on exceptions in real-time, Moda Operandi was able to quickly respond to any issues and ensure that all their customers received their orders in a timely manner. In fact, delivery exceptions were reduced by 25% as a result of this technology.


With the powerful data-driven insights provided by AfterShip, Moda Operandi has been able to reduce shipment exceptions by 25% and WISMO inquiries by 65%.

“The partnership we have with AfterShip is so great. They always have a great response time to feedback and feature requests. If it’s not already in the pipeline, we're confident that you'll bring it to your leadership team to consider, ” say Bushra.

This partnership is a great example of how leveraging technology can help companies improve their customer experience and optimize their operations for maximum efficiency.

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