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Shoplazza was built in 2017 to redefine the notion of “ecommerce SaaS platform”. By providing SaaS ecommerce solutions and DTC (“direct-to-consumer”) branding services to enterprise-level clients with global ambitions, Shoplazza’s organic growth from a free drag and drop website builder to a premium service with over a million subscriptions is largely fuelled by word of mouth referrals. With decades of combined experience in cross-border ecommerce and hundreds of millions in international market sales, the global Shoplazza team is currently a key player in the cross-border ecommerce space.


Consumer satisfaction is the key to the success of every business. As a common challenge among all e-commerce businesses, order tracking plays a critical emotional factor among online consumers. The challenge was inevitably amplified by the unexpected event of the covid-19 pandemic.

Shoplazza provided a lifeline for these otherwise quality brands with little to no experience in ecommerce, by helping to reimagine their brand narrative, positioning, product selection and repackaging them into global brands for international audiences through its intuitive shopping interfaces, enormous selection of design templates, and quirky marketing strategies that allowed struggling manufacturers and domestic brands to turn a profit during the pandemic. Shoplazza significantly lowered the barriers to entry for enterprises new to ecommerce and provided a blueprint for continued conversions; the pandemic provided the backdrop for Shoplazza to jumpstart the DTC democratization process.


An integral part of creating the frictionless shopping experience that facilitates the ongoing transition into the DTC model is order tracking. Despite generous return policies and product warranties, the internationalization efforts of brands of all sizes continue to be undermined by unexpected shipping delays, often caused by uncontrollable factors. Regardless of the actual reasons for shipping mishaps, the lack of shipping transparency and/or delays in shipping updates can seriously damage the relationship of trust between customers and brands, which takes time to build.

By choosing AfterShip as its preferred service provider for integrated tracking data, Shoplazza is placing its full confidence in this partnership, which begins in July 2021. Given the scalability and flexibility of AfterShip’s functions, Shoplazza will be relying on its ability to provide timely, accurate and in-depth tracking analytics to customers of Shoplazza merchants connecting discerning global audiences with quality products.


While the large-scale impact of AfterShip’s partnership with Shoplazza remains to be seen, beta testing has produced dramatically positive results in the reduction of order cancellations, customer complaints and overall customer satisfaction. Given AfterShip’s proven track record with major players in the ecommerce ecosystem, Shoplazza merchants should expect continued global success as a result of this mutually beneficial relationship.

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