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"The best thing about AfterShip Feed is that it helps protect our revenue while making omnichannel fulfillment ultra-smooth. Any new TikTok Shop orders will be automatically picked up and synced back to our system. Inventory then updates in real-time, so we never have to worry about overselling or missing out on sales due to inaccurate data."

George Robinson

About SoSweet

SoSweet is a second-generation family-run business that specializes in selling a wide variety of American candies, chocolates, snacks, and nostalgic confections. Starting with just one physical location selling crisps in the southwest of England in 2014, SoSweet pivoted to focus on growing online sales during the pandemic, including a TikTok Shop. Today, it has nine brick-and-mortar stores and over 900K followers on TikTok.

Industry Number of customers Region
Food 131,000+ United Kingdom

The challenges

While the expansion to online retail was critical for SoSweet to sustain its operations during the early days of the COVID lockdown, eCommerce brought new challenges for the lean team.

The company was most concerned about overselling-a particular challenge for the TikTok Shop as their warehouse management system did not support it.

Robinson shared: “a big part of our strategy is around offers—how many SKUs we offer at a good value so shoppers can mix and match.” But the company was very concerned about “overselling leading to bad customer satisfaction,” especially for their fast-growing TikTok Shop. As such, the SoSweet team spent a lot of time tracking their inventory instead of more productive growth activities.

The outcome

To avoid overselling on TikTok Shop, SoSweet started the search for a new inventory management tool. While they identified several options, SoSweet chose AfterShip Feed because not only it is more comprehensive than the tool they were using, but also because Feed is specially designed for TikTok Shop, with support for product category mapping, bulk product info editing, and seamless syncing of products.

AfterShip Feed’s inventory sync capability allowed SoSweet to manage its inventory levels and costs nimbly without the risk of overselling. Even during critical selling periods, such as Halloween and Christmas, when SoSweet may receive orders for hundreds of thousands of pounds of confections, Feed handled the inventory stress without skipping a beat. Currently, it juggles over 2,000 SKUs to deliver the diverse product assortment crucial to SoSweet’s market differentiation and customer interest. In addition, AfterShip Feed has freed up the team to focus on growth-driving activities of marketing and customer service.

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