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How SpeedyTire got a grip on its customer delivery experience

SpeedyTire transformed its customer delivery experiences at a rate of knots with AfterShip

SpeedyTire was coordinating over 300 distribution centers across the United States. With this many moving parts, it gets difficult to keep track of every order. And as they grew, the operation grew even more complex. It was getting hard to stay ahead of the pack while getting lost in the details, especially without a central place to store all of that information.

AfterShip helped consolidate data from all their different carriers, going between all their distribution centers and customers, into one place. This helped SpeedyTire revolutionize its customer experience and boost sales. Here's how they did it.

increase in repeat sales
increase in click-through rate
reduction in returns and refunds

Providing an easy, SPEEDY, and hassle-free online tire shopping experience

SpeedyTire is an automotive parts company headquartered in Slidell, Louisiana that has revolutionized how customers buy spare parts for their vehicles. SpeedyTire lets customers choose what is best for their cars. They make it convenient, fun, and cheap to order new tires online.

SpeedyTire has over 300 distribution centers that can quickly get new tires to customers in the United States who demand the best for their vehicles.



Distribution centres

Slidell, LA

Slidell, LA


Automotive parts

Automotive parts


Exceptional customer experience demands superior last-mile tracking

With such a large operation comes layers of complexity and a ton of data to manage and oversee. One of the biggest challenges was not being able to see where their orders were at any given time. This caused a few problems:

  • It made it difficult to ensure on-time deliveries as promised
  • It was a headache for internal teams to track down deliveries when dealing with upset customers
  • It slowed things down significantly because customer care teams had to jump from one platform to another to find the right information

It was hard to see how well deliveries were going and taking proactive action to contact customers who may have shipping delays was impossible. SpeedyTire couldn't do much to help because they didn't have control over the orders after they left the warehouse and they also didn't know when deliveries were stalled or delayed.

They needed a single source of truth that their internal teams could rely on to provide a consistent online delivery experience based on accurate carrier and shipping data.

And that's where AfterShip stepped in.

AfterShip helped SpeedyTire gain visibility into their last-mile delivery experience

Without visibility into delivery operations, it's nearly impossible to identify problems efficiently. You can't improve on what you can't measure.

AfterShip helped SpeedyTire by providing support for hundreds of carriers, and centralized tracking—and it was all set up instantly. This allowed SpeedyTire to focus on providing a great customer experience, instead of wasting time digging through carrier data.

Their teams quickly integrated with AfterShip's tracking API to get tracking data from all of the different carriers and then send proactive delivery status communication to customers. AfterShip’s hassle-free and rapid deployment helped SpeedyTire power better post-purchase experiences and profit-driven strategies.

Now, SpeedyTire's customers can track their orders all in one place with AfterShip's tracking page. They know exactly when their new tires will arrive.

SpeedyTire cut returns and refunds by 21.2% while fueling its conversion engine

As soon as AfterShip came on board as SpeedyTire’s post-purchase experience partner, their numbers were turbo-charged.

65.2% increase in Opt-in rate for SMS delivery notifications

SpeedyTire used AfterShip to provide their customers with tracking updates for their packages. This gave their customers information about where their package was in the delivery cycle. People were more likely to sign up for SMS notifications when they had this service, which effectively reduced WISMO inquiries.

25% increase in click-through rate of email notifications

AfterShip’s tracking notifications regularly achieve a 65% open rate. SpeedyTire increased its branding and marketing efforts by using AfterShip's email notifications to provide customers with unified, timely updates about their orders. This helped to drive additional revenue by strategic upselling.

24% increase in repeat sales

Thanks to AfterShip’s fully customizable post-purchase solutions, SpeedyTire was able to unlock a stream of branding and upsell opportunities. By displaying product recommendations on their tracking pages and shipping emails, SpeedyTire tapped into 23.7% additional sales while offering a one-click order tracking facility.

AfterShip gives SpeedyTire the ability to leverage first-class developer tooling and CRM features to have an amazing experience for customers. AfterShip also gives the support team the clarity into active shipments enough to shift our mindset from reactive to proactive, cutting our returns & refunds by 21.2% by enabling the team to tackle problems such as lost packages before the customer even realizes there’s an issue.

Bryce Jacobs

President of Speedytire.com

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