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How SuperATV builds a better customer experience with AfterShip

Optimizing post-purchase journey at breakneck speed

SuperATV has been fueling off-road passion since 2003. They design, develop, and manufacture the world’s best aftermarket parts and accessories for UTVs and ATVs. And as their business scaled, their need to field customer calls and inquiries about shipments increased.

In the past, they managed their tracking system in-house. But as their business picked up speed, they quickly realized that it was time to take shipment tracking off their plates. They turned to AfterShip.

After partnering with AfterShip:

  • The number of WISMO calls was greatly reduced
  • Customers get real-time updates on when their shipments will arrive
  • Their marketing team has more flexibility to make changes
  • IT no longer needs to maintain an in-house system
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shipment updates
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Fueling off-road passion

SuperATV started as a family company in the founder’s garage out of an abundance of passion for powersports. Known for their aftermarket parts and accessories, they’ve since expanded to nearly half a million square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space, and their community continues to grow.

The company has succeeded due to its high-quality standards, American-made products, and repeat customer base. In an industry where people come and go, SuperATV has stuck around for the long haul because they know how to treat their customers right.

They remain a family-owned and operated company with a passion for riding and the great outdoors. And with AfterShip, they've been able to streamline their shipping operations to give their customers the best possible experience.



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UTV and ATV aftermarket products

UTV and ATV aftermarket products


A customer experience with a few bumps in the road

Before coming to AfterShip, SuperATV managed its basic shipment tracking and notifications solution in-house. Customers would only receive a text-based email when their product was shipped, and that was it. There was no way to represent the brand properly or communicate with customers throughout the shipping process. There was also no way to send real-time updates to customers about when their products would arrive.

This led to a lot of WISMO calls which slowed down their customer service team. It also put a strain on their IT department, which had to maintain the in-house system. And it limited their marketing team, who couldn’t change the look and feel of the tracking page or notifications without involving IT.

Enter AfterShip.

A solution built for performance

There were a few requirements that were non-negotiable for SuperATV when they were looking for a new shipment tracking solution. First, they needed a solution that could do API notifications. This was a must-have because they wanted to be able to connect their systems and automate their workflows as much as possible.

Second, they desired a branded tracking page, which would allow them to represent their brand properly and give their customers a seamless experience.

Finally, they needed a solution with a robust tracking API. This was important because they wanted to be able to build their own custom tracking tools and integrations.

AfterShip fit all of these requirements and more. In particular, they were impressed by our ability to send real-time shipment updates to customers. This was a game-changer for them because it meant that their customer service team wouldn’t be inundated with WISMO calls from frustrated customers.

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The results are in

Since switching to AfterShip, SuperATV has seen a dramatic reduction in the number of WISMO calls they receive from customers. This is because our real-time updates have allowed their customers to stay informed on the status of their shipments without having to contact customer service.

Additionally, they’ve been able to increase the flexibility of their marketing team by giving them the ability to change the look and feel of their tracking page and notifications. And last but not least, they’ve been able to streamline their shipping operations and save time with our easy-to-use platform.

This means that SuperATV can now focus on what they do best—making quality products that their customers love. And with AfterShip by their side, they can continue to provide an exceptional shipping experience for their customers.

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