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How Virtualstock keeps their clients satisfied with AfterShip Tracking’s post-purchase tracking


Dropshipping that virtually anyone can do

Virtualstock provides eCommerce businesses with simple-to-use software that automates the entire dropshipping process. This includes everything from connecting to suppliers and listing products on marketplaces to fulfilling orders and tracking shipments.

What really sets Virtualstock apart from other dropshipping software is its focus on post-purchase experiences. They understand that the post-purchase experience is just as important as the actual purchase itself.

As a leading provider of dropship solutions in Europe, Virtualstock is committed to helping businesses keep up with the latest technology and trends. Its mission is to provide eCommerce brands with the tools they need to succeed in the digital age. And together with AfterShip, they are making that happen.

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More orders = more blind spots and wasted time

AfterShip helps Virtualstock save their retail customers’ time. One common scenario is that a customer contacts retailers to ask about the status of an order. Without AfterShip Tracking, retailers would have to contact suppliers to get tracking information and manually update the customer. With AfterShip Tracking, tracking information is automatically updated and communicated to the customer, saving time for both the retailer and the supplier.

"Without AfterShip Tracking, our retail clients would expect their suppliers to manually provide delivery confirmation, so it provides a time saving to the suppliers as well as the retailer," said Ben Heath, Sales Manager at Virtualstock.

From a customer perspective, the experience is seamless. They are able to track their shipment and know exactly when it will arrive. This level of transparency builds trust and loyalty, two essential ingredients for any successful eCommerce business.

In addition, by using AfterShip Tracking, Virtualstock is able to provide its customers with more accurate tracking information. This is because AfterShip Tracking pulls tracking information directly from carriers, rather than relying on suppliers to manually update the status of an order. "It’s more accurate information for the retailer themselves," Heath said. "They know they can pay the supplier because they have an accurate proof of delivery update from a third-party carrier rather than from the supplier themselves."


AfterShip gave Virtualstock the clarity they needed

Virtualstock's connection with AfterShip Tracking allows them to give their dropshipping clients full visibility into the final mile of the journey. This is a major benefit that other service providers don't have, and it's helped them win over customers. By giving their team more visibility into deliveries, they're able to provide better customer support.

"We use the AfterShip Tracking API/webhooks to pull carrier updates that we can then feed into our retail clients. The Retailer can then use these updates to notify the end customer with updates on their order," explained Heath.

Another reason they chose AfterShip Tracking is that it's an enablement tool for their team. It allows them to quickly identify and resolve retailers' issues with deliveries. "It’s an enablement tool for our service desk team to be able to identify and dig deeper into what’s going on for each of those retailers from a delivery standpoint."

If a customer is wondering why their order hasn't arrived, the team can quickly check AfterShip Tracking to see if there are any delays in the delivery process. If there are, they can reach out to the carrier and resolve the issue. Before AfterShip Tracking, this would have been a much more manual and time-consuming process.

With all of this extra time and visibility, Virtualstock has raised the bar for its clients' post-purchase experience, and the only thing that will be dropped is its competition.

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