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How Wish improved the post-purchase experience with AfterShip

Optimized multi-leg network with AfterShip's unified order visibility

As Wish expanded its horizons from a small “wish list” app to a multi-million American online e-commerce platform to bring merchants and buyers together under one roof–seamless, exceptional, and memorable customer experience was no more an option but a necessity. With a mission to tie the loose ends of its post-purchase customer journey, Wish welcomed the extensive courier support, tracking automation, and predictive delivery analytics of AfterShip to gain complete control over their order delivery lifecycle from cart to door helping Wish improve shipping times, optimize carrier performance, and strengthen customer relationships.

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America’s largest e-commerce platform connecting brands to buyers

Co-founders Peter Szulczewski and Danny Zhang built a simple “wish list” app (hence the name) into one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world.

Currently, Wish has over 100 million active monthly users on its direct-to-consumer platform, connecting merchants to online shoppers. With millions of transactions every month, its mission is to “give everyone access to the most affordable, convenient, and effective shopping mall in the world.”

They are one of the Top 10 online shopping apps. Competing with giants like Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay leaves Wish with no choice but to develop excellent merchant relationships and delightful customer experiences.



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San Francisco, California




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The Challenge: Blurred visibility into shipping and delivery performance

As a direct-to-consumer brand that connects retailers directly with online shoppers, Wish had limited control over the post-purchase experience provided by each merchant.

As Wish grew, it needed a system to access accurate and timely tracking information. Wish began to use AfterShip’s API to track merchant shipments to the customers who purchase products from the Wish app or website to solve this challenge.

AfterShip provides the shipping insights that Wish needs

1. Apply policies and reward merchants for good behavior

Since partnering with AfterShip, the team at Wish was able to optimize shipping performance better and improve shipping times to customers. They can access insights into the shipping performance of each merchant, and they can reward the merchants who take shipping seriously. Provide data to measure the platform’s performance

2. Customers expect their deliveries to arrive on time.

They get frustrated when the package shows up late or when shipping information is inaccessible. AfterShip’s API made it possible for Wish to measure the overall shipping performance of each merchant across millions of transactions every month.

3. Offer unified tracking information for a better customer experience

Information is power. By collecting tracking data through the AfterShip API, Wish developed better relationships with its customers and merchant partners.

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