Claim Status

Claim StatusStatus DefinationDescription
claim_receivedClaim SubmittedClaim received. Waiting for a feedback from the insurer.
waiting_for_documentsWaiting for DocumentsInsurer requests documents for processing the claim.
under_reviewUnder ReviewThe Claim is being reviewed by the insurer.
reviewed_completedCompletedThe claim has been reviewed and waiting to get approved
claim_approvedApprovedThe claim has been approved.
paid_payment_info_requestedPayment Info RequestedThe customer needs to provide payment information to get the insurance amount.
claim_paidPaidThe claim has been mark as paid and the merchant needs to mark it as resolved.
claim_deniedDeniedThe claim has been denied by the insurer (You can contact insurer for more information).
claim_closedClosedThe claim has been closed by the insurer.
claim_withdrawnWithdrawnThe claim has been withdrawn by the customer.