Body Envelope

Every response is contained in an envelope which means each response has a predictable set of keys with which you can interact.

The meta key helps communicate extra information regarding a response to the developer.

codeNumberUp to a 5-digit code that represents the status of the request200 10001
typeStringshort string, which is the name of the returned HTTP statusOK
messageStringHuman-readable description of the specific meta codeThe request was successfully processed by AfterShip.
errorsError[]Detailed error information to indicate the error in the request. It only exists in error responses.
pathStringError path of the requestdata.policy_id
infoStringHuman-readable description of the specific errordata.policy_id must not be 32 characters

The data key is the meat of the response. It can be in the form of a list of results, but either way, this is where you’ll find the requested data.

Here is an example for GET /policies/{id}