Delivery Sub-statuses

Subtags are predefined status available at AfterShip Tracking's end. The checkpoint messages received from couriers are mapped to these subtags for additional information on shipments.

The list below explains the different subtags.

Subtag messageDescriptionSubtag code
DeliveredShipment delivered successfullyDelivered_001
Picked up by the customerPackage picked up by the customerDelivered_002
Sign by customerPackage delivered to and signed by the customerDelivered_003
Delivered and received cash on deliveryPackage delivered to the customer and cash collected on deliveryDelivered_004
Available for pickupThe package arrived at a pickup point near you and is available for pickupAvailableForPickup_001
ExceptionDelivery of the package failed due to some shipping exceptionException_001
Customer movedDelivery of the package failed as the customer relocatedException_002
Customer refused deliveryDelivery of the package failed as the recipient refused to take the package due to some reasonException_003
Delayed (Customs clearance)Package delayed due to some issues during the customs clearanceException_004
Delayed (External factors)Package delayed due to some unforeseen reasonsException_005
Held for paymentThe package being held due to pending payment from the customer's endException_006
Incorrect AddressPackage not delivered due to incorrect recipient addressException_007
Pick up missedPackage available for the pickup but not collected by the customerException_008
Rejected by carrierPackage rejected by the carrier due to noncompliance with its guidelinesException_009
Returning to senderThe package is on its way back to the senderException_010
Returned to senderThe return package has been successfully received by the senderException_011
Shipment damageShipment damagedException_012
Shipment lostDelivery of the package failed as it got lostException_013
Failed AttemptThe delivery of the package failed due to some reason. Courier usually leaves a notice and will try to deliver againAttemptFail_001
Addressee not availableRecipient not available at the given addressAttemptFail_002
Business ClosedBusiness is closed at the time of deliveryAttemptFail_003
In TransitShipment on the wayInTransit_001
Acceptance scanShipment accepted by the carrierInTransit_002
Arrival scanShipment arrived at a hub or sorting centerInTransit_003
Arrived at the destination country/regionInternational shipment arrived at the destination country/regionInTransit_004
Customs clearance completedCustoms clearance completedInTransit_005
Customs clearance startedPackage handed over to customs for clearanceInTransit_006
Departure ScanPackage departed from the facilityInTransit_007
Problem resolvedProblem resolved and shipment in transitInTransit_008
Forwarded to a different delivery addressShipment forwarded to a different delivery addressInTransit_009
Info ReceivedThe carrier received a request from the shipper and is about to pick up the shipmentInfoReceived_001
Out for DeliveryThe package is out for deliveryOutForDelivery_001
Customer contactedThe customer is contacted before the final deliveryOutForDelivery_003
Delivery appointment scheduledA delivery appointment is scheduledOutForDelivery_004
PendingNo information available on the carrier website or the tracking number is yet to be trackedPending_001
Carrier account not connectedIt represents the shipments are pending due to no connection with carrier accountsPending_002
Label created, no updates yetThe order has been processed/packaged, but not scanned at a shipping location yetPending_003
Wrong carrierThere is no tracking info available because the carrier is wrongPending_004
No recent updatesThere have been no new tracking updates in the last 120 daysPending_005
ExpiredNo tracking information of the shipment, from the last 30 daysExpired_001