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Why Estimated Delivery Dates Are Critical for eCommerce

E-Commerce Trends in 2022

Accurate delivery dates are key to winning consumer trust

The second most prominent reason after high shipping costs that lead to shoppers abandoning their carts is uncertainty around delivery dates. Providing accurate delivery dates can go a long way toward building customer trust, establishing a loyal customer base, and increasing checkout conversion rates.

The EDD is the most important information your customers expect to see alongside the price at the checkout. In the cutthroat eCommerce landscape, “when” the package will arrive is quickly replacing “where” the package is as consumers' most sought-after data point. Displaying this proactive stance upfront can help brands elevate the shopping experience and prove to customers that they care.

In our latest report, Why Estimated Delivery Dates are Critical for eCommerce, we surveyed a sample group of 500 shoppers from across 51 countries to know their stance, opinions, and ideas on how estimated delivery dates impact their purchase decisions.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Impact of EDD on shoppers' purchasing decisions
  • Shoppers' expectations for delivery estimation across industries
  • Shoppers' communication preferences over EDD visibility

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