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TikTok Shop Statistics in 2024

Explore TikTok Shop Statistics for 2024, including the distribution of shops by category and region, GMV amounts, and total sales. Discover popular categories like Womenswear & Underwear and Beauty & Personal Care. Analyze regional adoption levels with Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam leading the way. Uncover the dominance of Beauty & Personal Care in GMV and sales. Experience the global presence and economic impact of TikTok Shops in eCommerce.

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Number of TikTok Shops by Category

TikTok, the popular social media platform, has also expanded into the realm of eCommerce, allowing users to set up online stores. Among the various categories on TikTok, Womenswear & Underwear emerges as the most prominent, hosting the highest number of online shops. It captures 5.64% of the total TikTok store count. Following closely, Beauty & Personal Care and Home Supplies hold significant shares as well, accounting for 5.59% and 5.13%, respectively.

Womenswear & Underwear14.93K5.64%
Beauty & Personal Care14.79K5.59%
Home Supplies13.58K5.13%
Menswear & Underwear13.43K5.08%
Fashion Accessories13.25K5.01%
Muslim Fashion12.95K4.90%
Food & Beverages12.62K4.77%
Phones & Electronics12.5K4.72%
Sports & Outdoor11.89K4.50%

Number of TikTok Shops by Region

TikTok's eCommerce presence spans across different regions, with varying levels of adoption and participation. Among the regions we monitor, Indonesia emerges as a dominant force in terms of the number of TikTok shops, showcasing a thriving eCommerce ecosystem. Additionally, Thailand and Vietnam exhibit substantial online shop presence, accounting for 18.29% and 17.54% of the global TikTok store market, respectively. The popularity of TikTok shops is not limited to these few regions, as other notable regions such as Malaysia, United States and Philippines also contribute significantly.

United States31.29K11.83%
Saudi Arabia24<0.01%
China Taiwan2<0.01%

TikTok Shops GMV Amount by Category

The Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) is an important metric that reflects the monetary value of transactions within the TikTok eCommerce platform. Analyzing the GMV amounts by category reveals that Beauty & Personal Care plays a dominant role, generating the highest GMV among all categories. It accounts for 22.50% of the total TikTok shop GMV. Following closely behind, Womenswear & Underwear and Menswear & Underwear exhibit significant GMV contributions as well, representing 12.56% and 8.06%, respectively.

Beauty & Personal Care$2.49B22.50%
Womenswear & Underwear$1.39B12.56%
Menswear & Underwear$893.54M8.06%
Food & Beverages$759.84M6.85%
Muslim Fashion$506.00M4.56%
Home Supplies$457.50M4.13%
Phones & Electronics$430.50M3.88%
Baby & Maternity$412.59M3.72%

TikTok Shops GMV Amount by Region

The GMV generated by TikTok shops varies across different regions, reflecting the economic impact of the platform on a global scale. Among the regions we monitor, Thailand stands out as a leader in terms of GMV, indicating a prosperous TikTok eCommerce economy. Moreover, Vietnam and Malaysia demonstrate significant contributions to the total GMV, accounting for 20.79% and 14.68% of the global TikTok shop GMV, respectively. Beyond these regions, other notable areas such as Philippines, Indonesia and United States also make substantial GMV contributions.

United States$853.82M7.70%
Saudi Arabia$24.51K<0.01%

TikTok Shops Product Sold by Category

Analyzing the total sales figures provides insights into the performance of different categories within the TikTok eCommerce platform. Among them, Beauty & Personal Care emerges as the dominant force, contributing significantly to the total sales on TikTok Shops. With its appealing products and favorable market conditions, Beauty & Personal Care captures the attention of a substantial portion of users. Additionally, Womenswear & Underwear and Food & Beverages also make a notable impact on the platform's sales, accounting for 14.36% and 6.96% of the overall TikTok Shops sales landscape.

Beauty & Personal Care370.09M18.65%
Womenswear & Underwear284.86M14.36%
Food & Beverages138M6.96%
Home Supplies137.47M6.93%
Fashion Accessories97.93M4.94%
Muslim Fashion96.92M4.88%
Menswear & Underwear94.9M4.78%
Baby & Maternity90.72M4.57%
Phones & Electronics68.97M3.48%

TikTok Shops Product Sold by Region

The reach and influence of TikTok Shops extend beyond geographical boundaries, showcasing its global presence in the eCommerce market. Notably, Thailand emerges as an outstanding performer in terms of total sales on TikTok Shops, displaying the prosperity of its eCommerce ecosystem. Moreover, both Philippines and Malaysia contribute significantly to the platform's sales, collectively representing 25.22% and 15.67% of the total global sales on TikTok Shops. The impressive performance of these regions underscores their strong consumer base and their embrace of the exciting possibilities offered by TikTok Shops.

United States45M2.27%
Saudi Arabia10.23K<0.01%