AfterShip Service Level Agreement

Last Updated: 27th Sep 2019

1. Services Availability

AfterShip shall ensure that the Services Availability is 99.9% during any given month. Services Availability means the percentage of a particular month (based on a 24-hour day for the number of days in the subject month) that AfterShip API is available for access by the user. AfterShip agrees to provide the user with either continuous access to its online response time reporting system or a monthly report which, in each case, shall provide performance metrics of service uptime of AfterShip API service. If the Services Availability of 99.9 % has not been achieved during any given month, it shall not be construed as a material breach of the Agreement. In this event, AfterShip may provide Service Credits in accordance with section 5.

2. Scheduled Maintenance

Services Availability shall not include regularly scheduled maintenance of AfterShip's Systems provided that: (a) AfterShip must provide the user with its schedule of such maintenance no less than thirty (30) days prior to such scheduled maintenance; (b) scheduled maintenance may only occur during non-peak and/or weekend hours, and (c) unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the parties scheduled maintenance must not exceed more than eight (8) total hours in any one calendar month.

3. Continuity; Disaster Recovery; Redundancy

AfterShip shall implement and maintain written business continuity and disaster recovery plan, consistent with standard practices in the industry, which shall include (to the extent applicable) data backup. AfterShip agrees to perform a test exercise of its business continuity and disaster recovery plan no less than once annually. In addition, AfterShip's Systems should be designed for redundancy so as to minimize single points of failure. AfterShip must maintain at least one standard backup server for failure for any of server(s) critical to the user's file processing.

4. Premium support

Users will have a dedicated account manager and will enjoy Premium support with 24x7 access to email support, mandatory response times, and mandatory updates to any issues the user may have.

For AfterShip tracking, premium support also includes new carrier integration within 2 weeks, given carrier provides all necessary docs and resources for integration.

Code Priority Impact Condition First Reply Time Resolution Time
P1 Critical Critical business impact Issue is not letting AfterShip customers access agreed services resulting into critical business impact 2 Hrs 6 Hrs
P2 High Significant business impact This indicates the AfterShip application is usable but is severely limited. 3 Hrs 10 Hrs
P3 Normal Limited business impact This indicates the AfterShip application is usable, but that some features (not critical to operations) are unavailable. 4 Hrs 24 Hrs
P4 Low Minimal business impact This indicates the problem does not significantly impact operations, or that a reasonable workaround has been implemented. 8 Hrs Subject to planning

5. Service Credits

If the Services Availability is below 99.9%, the user is entitled to receive a credit in accordance with the following schedule calculated on a calendar month basis. No credit is due unless the user issues a written request to AfterShip for such credit. Any credit due to the user shall be credited to the user in the next invoice.

Services Availability Percentage Credit Percentage
99.9% or greater No Credit
99.00% to 99.89% 10%
98.00% to 98.99% 20%
97.00% to 97.99% 30%
96.00% to 96.99% 40%
95.01% to 95.99% 50%
95.00% or less 100%
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