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How to Drive Loyalty & Retention in 2023 & Beyond


Customer acquisition costs have been rising for several years, and there is no clear indication of when this trend will reverse. With the cost of marketing and advertising already at an all-time high, it has become even more difficult for businesses to become profitable without increasing their marketing budget.

On top of that, brands are easily replaceable these days. Today, customers are spoiled with choices, with numerous brands willing to offer the best quality products and services at the most competitive prices. Therefore, to compete in today’s competitive eCommerce landscape, businesses must carve out ways to bring down their acquisition costs and stand out from the competition—and one way to do this is to focus on customer retention rather than acquisition.

AfterShip’s Strategic Partnerships Manager, Sara Kang, interacted with D2CX and shared some best practices for brands to drive customer loyalty and retention in 2023.

You’ll Learn How To:

Watch the webinar to learn more about :

  • Top strategies for building relationships that drive long-term retention
  • The most effective tools for boosting customer engagement and improving loyalty
  • How to start building a loyal following right from the first purchase
  • Best retention strategies used by the most successful DTC eCommerce brands


Sarah Kang

Sarah Kang

Strategic Partnerships Manager, AfterShip

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