How to WOW Your Customers With Personalized CX


37% of customers stop doing business with a brand that fails to deliver a personalized customer experience. And we are not surprised to see these numbers grow exponentially over the years. Personalization has indeed become the driving force for eCommerce brands to boost customer experience and is a secret sauce to generating more revenue.

There’s offering a seamless customer experience, and then there’s delivering a personalized customer experience throughout the customer journey. Undeniably, the latter requires a more intricate and in-depth understanding of customer expectations and dissecting them to offer customers what they want to consume practically before they do. When you deliver right on their expectations of how they see their future is when you truly master the art of personalization.

In this webinar, you can watch and learn a few tricks from the industry’s leading experts on how personalizing customer journeys can prove to be the holy grail for your brand’s success.

You’ll Learn How To:

  • Discover the most effective and efficient ways to grow your eCommerce business through personalized CX
  • The best CX personalization tools in the market right now for D2C eCommerce brands
  • How personalized CX unlocks marketing opportunities and helps brands generate more revenue
  • How personalized CX reduces churn rate and power sales


Kristine Co

Kristine Co

Senior Product Marketing Manager, AfterShip

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