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Lifetime Value: Roundtable


With the rise of AI personalization tools, customer expectations have never been higher. So, how do you stand out from the competition and create an experience that not only meets their expectations but keeps them coming back for more?

Check out our Lifetime Value Roundtable with partners from ShipBob, Okendo, TalentPop, Ordergroove, and eHouse Studio and learn eCommerce strategies to boost conversion, retention, and LTV.

Learn how to

  • Re-engage with customers through proactive communications in the post-purchase journey
  • Provide a personalized shopper experience through the use of reviews and customer feedback
  • Leverage the subscription model to unlock customer loyalty and generate recurring revenue
  • Create connections and build lasting relationships with customers through trust and transparency
  • Use gamification to increase cart value and create an excellent purchase experience


Sarah Kang

Sarah Kang

Strategic Partnership Manager, AfterShip

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