Strategies for AOV Growth Through Extended Customer Experiences

In the world of eCommerce, the key to maximizing revenue lies in tailoring your strategy to meet the specific needs of your customers. Curated for Shopify brands, this webinar will explores the impact of personalized marketing to increase Average Order Value (AOV) through strategic upsell and cross-sell techniques at checkout.

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From personalized recommendations, to authentic customer reviews, and cash back rewards, discover how your Shopify brand can capitalize on revenue opportunities and strengthen customer relationships in our webinar!


0:03:00 - Speaker introductions


0:06:50 - How can brands effectively integrate personalized touch points throughout their customers’ shopping journey to increase average order value?


0:06:50 - How can brands tailor marketing strategies to target different customer segments?


0:17:58 - What challenges do brands commonly face when implementing extended CX strategies? What are the best practices to overcome them?


0:23:40 - How can brands leverage customer data and feedback to understand consumer needs?


0:35:46 - Customer success stories - brands that leveraged extended CX strategies


sarah kang

Sarah Kang

Sr. Strategic Partnerships Manager, AfterShip

adena merabi

Adena Merabi

Partnerships Team Lead, Okendo

carina shahin

Carina Shahin

Sr. Partner Manager, Attentive

jen kalant

Jen Kalant

Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships, Searchspring

adam folkman

Adam Folkman

Director of Business Development & Partnerships,

  • “Identify products that are commonly purchased together and offer cross-selling recommendations during the shopping experience to increase average order value”

    Sarah Kang

    Strategic Partnerships Manager, AfterShip

    sarah kang cover
  • “Reviews provide social proof that reassures potential customers about the quality and value of your products.”

    Adena Merabi

    Adena Merabi, Partnerships Team Lead, Okendo

    adena merabi cover v
  • “Personalizing your outreach is so much more than just a message, it’s every single aspect of your communication to your customer.”

    Carina Shahin

    Sr. Partner Manager, Attentive

    carina shahin cover v
  • “Customer data is a critical component to providing a personalized and simplified customer experience through discovery, shopping, check out, and post-purchase.”

    Jen Kalant

    Senior Director Strategic Partnerships, Searchspring

    jen kalant cover v
  • “Businesses should want to get their shoppers to feel a connection with the brand right off the bat. This will increase opportunities to capture zero and first-party data to drive more revenue.” 

    Adam Folkman

    ctor of Business Development & Partnerships,

    adam folkman cover v

Key Learnings

strategies for aov growth through extended customer experiences key learning

Implement AI Search Algorithms

Consider customer browsing history, purchase behavior, and product preferences to deliver more tailored product results.

Maximize Messaging Performance

Deliver messages when each unique subscriber is most likely to engage. Fine tune messages with your brand’s unique tone and style.

Personalize Marketing Campaigns

Create highly personalized campaigns by gathering zero-party data and segmenting customers based on their profile.

Boost AOV Through Store Credit

Create a sense of urgency; set expiration dates for store credit cards and prompt shoppers to return and redeem store credit before expiration.

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