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The Ultimate Shopify Customer Journey 2022 Ep. 2


A minor slip-up can be the difference between creating a loyal customer and sending a shopper to your biggest competitor. That's why eCommerce brands these days are viewing customer interactions as a journey made of different stages. Brands that focus on perfecting each step of the buyer journey from the first interaction to the final purchase are the ones that rise above their competitors.

In this second episode of the webinar—The Ultimate Shopify Customer Journey 2022, eCommerce industry experts from some of the leading brands shared their tips and strategies to proactively address customer pain points and build a better customer journey for your online store.

Watch George Lopez from AfterShip's Strategic Partnerships team sharing his valuable insights on the subject.

What You’ll Learn:

Watch the webinar to hear best practices for:

  • Creating and nurturing desired customer journeys that boost brand trust
  • Proactively rather than reactively participating when designing meaningful customer journeys
  • Leveraging customer journey mapping to get a comprehensive view of every interaction
  • Delivering best-in-class customer experiences
  • Identifying roadblocks in the customer journey


George Lopez

George Lopez

Strategic Partnerships

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