AfterShip features

Delivery date prediction

Set clear delivery expectations for your customers by displaying accurate order delivery dates.

Build trust with customers

Meet customer expectations and gain long-term trust by clearly communicating order delivery times and fulfilling them.

Improve satisfaction rate

Improve your brand reputation with positive feedback from on-time deliveries. Boost your vendor ratings fast.

Reduce customer enquiries

Optimize delivery performance by anchoring your shipping process and metrics on estimated delivery promises.

Works well with other platforms

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Customers prioritize delivery most in the online shopping experience

Give customers peace of mind

Provide accurate expected delivery date across multiple communication channels.

  • Branded tracking page
  • Shipment notifications
  • Order checkout page (Shopify Advanced Plan only)

Simple yet powerful settings

Calculate order delivery date for different shipping methods of your store. Support advanced settings.

  • Multiple shipping zones
  • Multiple shipping methods
  • Order cut-off time, order processing time
  • Business days & holidays settings

Delivery date prediction API (enterprise only)

Leverage on AfterShip's big data to predict an accurate delivery date when carrier's estimated date is not available.

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Improve on-time delivery KPI

Develop your carrier strategy to continously improve your delivery rate. Exceed customer expecations.

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Boost customer retention with a branded tracking experience.