AfterShip features

Shipment notifications

Continue engaging customers through seamless post-purchase communications.

Gain customer trust

83% of shoppers expect regular communication about their packages. Keep them informed.

Increase order delivery rate

Notify customers immediately if delivery goes wrong. Resolving issues earlier.

Drive traffic to your website

Customers highly engage with transactional updates. Embed special offers to drive sales.

Works well with other platforms

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83% of shoppers expect regular communication about their packages.

Keep customers engaged

Send engaging updates from the time an order is shipped to the moment it is delivered.

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Facebook

Boost customer engagement

Personalize your email notifications with a super-flexible drag-and-drop email editor.

  • Edit text
  • Edit color
  • Edit font
  • Edit CTAs

Improve order delivery rates

Noitfy customers immediately if delivery goes wrong. Resolve issues earlier.

Drive returned customers

Shoppers highly engage with delivery updates, embed marketing assets to drive more sales.

Increase customer satisfaction

Shoppers want to know when their order will arrive. Keep them informed.

Optimize communication with customers

Auto-alert customers once order status changes with automated email delivery updates workflows.

  • Follow up automatically
  • Send emails for 7 key tracking events
  • Use default workflow templates
  • Build custom email workflows
    (See pricing plans)
  • Add filters for better segmentation

Serve customers better globally

Delight your customers with multilingual email notifications to enhance post-purchase experience.

Customize notification templates

Drive additional purchases with relevant product recommendations and engaging sales deals.

Select notification triggers

Control when to notify customers. We have 7 key statuses.

Notify yourself

Get alerts of delivery incidents and resolve before customers complain.

Boost customer retention with a branded tracking experience.