Account Balance

Account balance is the amount of money you have in your financial account after calculating all the debits and credits. You can check your account balance via internet banking, mobile banking, or visiting your bank.

There are three types of account balances:

Bank account balance: The total amount of money you have in your savings or checking account after calculating all the deposits and deductions. Sometimes, you won’t see an accurate account balance because of pending transactions.

Loan account balance: The amount borrowed from a bank as a loan. The borrower repays the loan amount in installments along with interest.

Credit card account balance: It shows you the amount you’ve spent using your credit card. Besides the owed amount, it also includes the accrued interest. If you don’t clear your credit card bill for any month, interest accumulates along with the penalty charges. In short, credit card account balance changes more frequently based on the paid and due amount.

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